Where was I 10 years ago? .... The discovery of passions

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2011 was a very significant year for me. When reading this question from @photogames (link), my first internal response was "Uh, at work...duh!" (More about that later). But when I opened Google Timeline, I realised that in between the crazyness at work, I had also visited a couple of countries in Europe, and those trips all stood out in their very own way... So if you ask me now, after thinking about it for a bit, "Where were you 10 years ago?", my response would be: "Being in the right place at the right time, discovering my passions"

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In 2011, a high-profile case had started at work that needed some data analytics and innovation. I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time and was added to the special taskforce for this case. This was going to be the most interesting work year of my life that among others kickstarted my realisation that I am good at challenges/games like "whereisitwednesday". It was the year in which I discovered many of my work-passions that have been the basis to many career choices since.

I was working crazy hours fighting one of the worst types of crimes and protecting some very vulnerable people. In between all seriousness, we also needed (and had) a lot of fun to compensate for the tragic things that we saw. We pulled plenty of pranks and I managed to also learn a lot about data science, cyber security, hackers and encryption.

The moment we put a co-worker inside a drink-vending machine... or did we?

Genoa & Sardegna:

Earlier blog about Genoa part
Earlier blog about the Alghero part of this trip

But with crazy hours, you need to recharge whenever you can. And in spring it was possible to sneak out for 2 weeks. I decided to fly to Milan, take the train to Genoa, take the boat to Sardegna and then rent a car there. It was the best idea ever that resulted in me declaring my eternal love for Sardegna.







After that... back to work again. Close to the end of the year, we all started to wrap up and it was time for me to spend some time away from my desk again.


Earlier blog about it
It was my first time in Lisbon, and did I not enjoy myself! It ended up on the list of "least favorite places I ever visited". Such a different situation than what I experienced in Sardegna.



After such a disappointing trip I decided to quickly attempt a new location... Something to do with "if you fall off the horse, get right back on again"


(never blogged about it... weird)
It was my first time in Barcelona and it was amazing! I fell in love with everything Gaudi. The city trip was like walking around one massive piece of art.





So yeah, 2011... I discovered data science, cyber security, investigations, innovation, Sardegna, Barcelona, Gaudi, and probably also a little photography along the way...


now i don't want to share my photos from 2011 :D

come on... it's fun!! You should see the photos that I didn't post... they all sucked so much :D

it is, found a trip to sea folder in my friends photo backups that i have for some reason on my latest hdd.

for a not photographer you did good for all this years :D

looking forward to it!!

talking about non-photographer. When would be the time that you would start calling yourself a photographer?

i don't know, maybe when ever you want :D or when others start to :D

i been teasing you about it for 3 years and now seeing this photos i would probably do it for 10 :D

i was a photographer long time ago as my friends called me that because i was the only one carrying the "idiot" film camera in my friends group. and those photos did not have a lot in common with what we call photographer :D

Haha.... yeah, I noticed the teasing ;) It's fun!

I think I'll start calling myself photographer when I start making money with it (more than just hive).

i kinda suck at making money with it. but i never pushed it really. maybe i am afraid that it will be a chore not just fun :)

but at least i am making excuses for buying new stuff when i do earn some money from it :)

This is great! Too bad Rome joined Portugal on the list of least favorite places. The other travels look great and the job sounds interesting.

great assignment ;)

Thanks. Next season I want to see if we can have the photo stars come up with their own games. I don't know if that would add pressure or be fun. Maybe it depends on the person.

At least have some freedom, could be fun. For instance, I would like to start with an assignment in the beginning of the week that they have the full week to finish... "Make it Monday"??

Yes, that would be good. That would also give them time to go out and take pictures.

Looks like you had a very interesting year!

yes indeed... it's one of the more special years in my life. I will never forget 2011

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