Winter has arrived

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First snow this year!

Fell off the face of the Earth? Not entirely. There are, however, a few things that contributed to the drop of my activity here on the chain. One of them, my machine undergoing maintenance, which took longer than expected. Then the added stresses about health and visiting the hospital during the covid crisis, which is something I would not recommend doing to anyone unless necessary. It is wild out there. They say, trust the people who work there, but then you can also end up in the wrong spot at the wrong time because someone forgot to give you full instructions of where you are supposed to be, and you step into the floor that just got hit by the outbreak. Which is, of course, something that happened to me. The lady was probably a bit tired and distracted as it was the end of her shift. It is what it is. They are doing their best regardless.

I also have fallen down a brand new rabbit hole recently. Or a couple. Not sure if you have heard, but Hivefest this year will take place at AltspaceVR! So I got my VR goggles already, and holy moly! I can’t even complain about being extra. Everyone needs this shit! That was my thought when taking them off after the first day of trying them out. Seriously. Everyone needs them! The possibilities here are endless. And after nearly a year of confinement within the borders of my country and with all the virus shenanigans, virtual reality feels like newfound freedom to wander and explore. I am not saying that I would want that to be the future of humanity, as our bodies are still tethered to the physical world, not at all. It will never replace the real world for me. What I am saying, it will be the place to make impossible things possible. It is also not limited to gaming, digital meeting places, and events, experiences, or even exploration of entire worlds. There’s creating in 3d too! Modelling, painting, sculpting! Aaa! ^^ Needless to say, it also keeps you active while doing all those things instead of being a complete potato. You shouldn’t even think twice about it. Or go back and forth. There are almost no downsides to the damn thing! I certainly don’t regret it, even though I had to pay at least double the price for it, as my potato country people love to fuck with their people and fill their own pockets the double or triple amount of money for the electronic goods. Oh, let’s be real. It is not just the electronic goods. There is a reason why traveling to other countries for shopping is a thing here. It is cheaper to hop on a plane and go to, for example, Germany or the UK, to shop for clothes and other things as they sell old stuff as brand new here while the rest of the world has already moved on to the newest stuff for less. I am not saying everything here is garbage. That is not true. But the imported things are a struggle here. I don’t get why other than greed.

Oh, and there is a pre-Hivefest event tomorrow (December 6th) happening in AltspaceVR! I am attending, and so are many other wonderful Hive people. Hivefest isn’t limited to those who have VR headsets. You can join on the 2d app too. It is just like playing a game on your machine, but this time characters are real existing Hive people stranded at their homes, desperate to connect and meet again! Free registration for the event is available until December 7, so hurry up if you haven’t registered yet! Hope to see you tomorrow and also at Hivefest on December 18-19! ^^

Anyway, here is a treat from the real world! The first snow in Latvia!

Song of the day: BTS - Blue & Grey


Sadly can't seem to get the AltspaceVR game working. So I am not sure if I can join the fest.

Update: I managed to get the game working. I think I might be able to get there!

Awesome! Glad you made it work, hehe. Signup process for AltspaceVR is quite buggy with the character amount. Display name and username both need to be at least 8 characters, but you can change the display name via your profile later at least. If that was the thing that caused the trouble :)

See you there! ^^

Nah, it's with Steam and tweaking with the Proton/Vulkan settings. The newest ones never work, so I needed to try it with some older iterations of the compatibility layer. It is buggy still, but I can live with it.

Yeah, see you too.

yep! I will be there.... and try to throw the snowball better at you this time m!

Ahaha! You know, after throwing snowballs around in Altspace I thought about how cool it would be if there was like a VR game where you can just snow battle, build forts and piles of snow balls. Just like irl :D

I am hoping to attend, but I think I will go pantless VR goggleless, as I just can't justify the outlay at the moment. Do I still get to create an avatar?

Heeey! Hugs Yes, you get the same features from 2d app. I found it harder to navigate things on vr than the 2d app, probably because I am new to the controls and all.

There will probably many pantless and shirtless attendees xD We will never know ahaha!

I will do my best to make it, but have some ridiculous work Christmas thing at the same time....

We will never know ahaha!

You wait til you see my avatar ;D

The Pictures looks awesome

Thank you :) I was so happy to wake up that day and see the world had turned all white. One of my favorite times!


Are the lyrics of this song going like this? "Meow, meow, meow...meow, meow...meow, meow, meow!" ^^ You look so happy, kitten! Pets

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Hey! Well, I did reach out to Nely and asked if she would pass it to the next person. But that was some days ago. Hmm. I am sorry. I guess I should have chosen someone else to pass it to.

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Nice photos of that cold, white stuff. Everything always looks so much more peaceful after a fresh coat of snow.

We have had a few substantial snowfalls this year, but everything melted and it's just brown out there now.

The VR sounds like fun. It'll probably be awhile before I can afford that jump. There's a new camera in the cards and the price tag is absurd...

Beautiful snow!

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