Percé and its Rock in the Gaspé peninsula, 🇨🇦

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People say one cannot say he has been to the Gaspé peninsula without seeing the Percé Rock, literally the pierced rock, a huge natural formation that looks like an arch. It was named as such by Samuel de Champlain, the founder of Quebec City.
Well then, we did see it. It is impressive indeed even though we only saw it from ashore since it was raining hard and we did not have the courage to suffer the boat tour.
In fact it was raining the whole day so the time spent in the car from Bonaventure and back (more than 4 hours) was not that great. Given that the road follows the coast I have no doubt it is a pleasure when the weather is better.

Even seeing the rock would have been slightly underwhelming under these conditions, if not for one major thing: we ate at the Maison du Pêcheur, a renowned but affordable establishment facing the sea in Percé. I have to admit I ate there one of the best pizza (with salmon) I've ever eaten. They had a pizza oven and it sure helps a lot in creating excellent ones. Highly recommended place.

Also the Mont Joli where I took the pictures gives a good overview of the rock, but also of the city.

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This one is getting a little close to the edge for comfort.

I don't know if you've seen the Broadchurch series, but this landscape really made me think about it. Most notably that the first character to die got pushed off a cliff very close to his home, like the first house on the right 😅
Also, while passing by, we saw that this is a b&b... Nice view!!

Stunning even when it's raining. And all the wildflowers look incredible.

Percé is such a lovely town. I hope the weather clears up quick smart!

The weather got indeed better, thank you! Just a few weeks there made me think how it would be living there for a longer period, and working from home...
A few years ago, the thought would not have crossed my mind ; the fact that it did now made means a lot.
But between all the nice places in Canada, it will be hafd to choose 😉

It would be hard to choose indeed. And I'm excited for you. It's fun to entertain thoughts and see where they take you and how they make you feel. Who knows what the future may bring...I'm glad the weather cleared up!

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