Busy Osaka street at night, 🇯🇵

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This is a street in Osaka, and the picture has been taken in 2016 on our second trip to Japan. Thanks to the power of Google Maps and the fact that the Asunaro Bar's signboard is written in roman characters, I was able to easily pinpoint the exact location: it's located in the Chuo ward, near Higashishinsaibashi.

There is a distinct atmosphere walking at night in the streets in Osaka. Very good vibes that I somehow could not explain. It feels to me like Osaka is the younger brother of Tokyo 😉
But don't ask me to choose between visiting Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, or any other city. I liked them all, for different reasons, and I would like to come back to each one of them whenever possible. But there are other places that I've yet to see in Japan: all north of Tokyo, east and south of Hiroshima, and the islands in the south, most notably Okinawa 🌴
This will be planned though in the coming years, and I have no doubt we'll go there again and be amazed like the first and second times ☺

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Gorgeous picture! I'm so envious that you've actually been to Japan not once but twice. Me, I'd love to visit Hokkaido for the big snow festival in the winter time, but for some reason none of my friends or my wife want to go with me. I just don't understand... :D

Thank you very much! We've been lucky to visit twice and both trips were awesome (and very different as the second one was with our 8 month old baby). I've seen pictures of the snow festival, but we have enough snow in Quebec though for nearly 5 months, so we'll try to avoid that 😅
Our third trip should include Okinawa, which looks wonderful, and we are thinking about living there for 3 months and work remotely, because why not! ☺

Maybe you could try convincing your wife with the excellent food that you'll be eating there?!