These Summer Vibes

in #photography2 months ago (edited)

Oh I love to say it, Its SUMMER! June is the first summer month. We only get so little of it here in Estonia, this 3 months feels like a week, I know it.
When its the end of August, I am going to feel like Really, where did the summer go. Do, I want to enjoy these summer evenings.

I wasn't really in a mood to go for a walk today after work but I figured that its summer and the evening is nice. Eventhough its still not as warm as I would like to. Gotta enjoy this greenery and summer lighting conditions. I didnt go far and just wandered around my home area. Took a couple of random shots with a phone. I had a camera with me too but I was too lazy to take it out of the bag 😁






Yay beautiful summer walk.

And enjoyable one!