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The definition of a beautiful day for me has a lot to do with the peace it makes me feel, although it may not seem like it, I am a person who is happy in quiet environments and if it includes beautiful views and the sound of the sea, so much the better.

La definición de un día bonito para mí tiene mucho que ver con la paz que me hace sentir, aunque no lo parezca, soy una persona que se siente feliz en ambientes tranquilos y si incluye unas vistas bonitas y el sonido del mar, mucho mejor.


I was only there for a few hours but I would love to go back and stay a whole day, I think it must be spectacular to look at the night sky with the sound of the sea.

Sólo estuve unas horas pero me encantaría volver y quedarme un día entero, creo que debe ser espectacular mirar el cielo nocturno con el sonido del mar.


I had many years without going to the beach and recently had the opportunity to do so. I documented almost the whole trip and hope to share it soon with everyone here on my blog.

Tenía muchos años sin ir a la playa y recientemente tuve la oportunidad de hacerlo. Documenté casi todo el viaje y espero compartirlo pronto con todos aquí en mi blog.


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Me gustaría invitarte a unirte a la comunidad Hive Nails. Es un espacio completamente dedicado a la creación de contenidos relacionados con la manicure y el nail art.


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Such a beautiful shade of blue in that first pic. The beach is a great place to go. I went a lot when I lived closer to it, but now it takes hours to get there.

That video of the sand has a few frames that would be perfect to screenshot for a sand tile in my game. I'll message you in Discord about it! :)

Ok. See you there.
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