Asparagus aethiopicus - Photography

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This is not the first time I take photos of this plant. As I have told you before, I enjoy botanical photography. This is one of my favorite of all the plants my grandmother had and on the day I took these photos I was able to capture the bulbs before they bloomed.

No es la primera vez que hago fotos de esta planta. Como ya os he contado antes, me gusta la fotografía botánica. Esta es una de mis plantas favoritas de todas las que tenía mi abuela y el día que hice estas fotos pude captar los bulbos antes de que florecieran.


The flowers of this plant are very small but have a very particular shape and are also very beautiful. As you can see in the photos, they usually grow and bloom as small bouquets.

Las flores de esta planta son muy pequeñas pero tienen una forma muy particular y también son muy hermosas. Como puede ver en las fotos, suelen crecer y florecer en forma de pequeños ramos.





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Wow beautiful photos turned out.

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Lovely photos, never saw this flower before...

Thank you! Yes, it's not a common flower 🌼
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I see you are an #alwaysaflower kind of girl! :))

Your flower looks a little like a milkweed, but, I am not sure. Do you know what it is?

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No, it's not milkweed, the plant is very different although the flowers have a similar flowering process.
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