Artificial flowers and plants market

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Flowers, in general, are my weakness, if it were up to me I would have hundreds of plants that bloom every day, but although I love them I must admit that I am a disaster when it comes to taking care of them. Having a garden is a responsibility just like having a pet since you have to take care of them so that they grow and bloom as they should.

Las flores, en general, son mi debilidad, si por mí fuera tendría cientos de plantas que florecieran cada día, pero aunque me encantan debo reconocer que soy un desastre a la hora de cuidarlas. Tener un jardín es una responsabilidad igual que tener una mascota ya que hay que cuidarlas para que crezcan y florezcan como deben.

I had not considered the idea of having artificial plants until I saw this market in downtown. As you can see there is a great variety of flowers and succulents, it is a paradise on earth for people like me. That day I didn't buy any of them, they were all beautiful, I liked so many that it was impossible to decide on one.

No había considerado la idea de tener plantas artificiales hasta que vi este mercado en el centro de mi ciudad. Como podéis ver hay una gran variedad de flores y suculentas, es un paraíso en la tierra para gente como yo. Ese día no compré ninguna, todas eran preciosas, me gustaban tantas que era imposible decidirme por una.







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Large selection of colors and very beautiful.
I love flowers too 🌹

Yes, there is a lot to choose from 🌼✨
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