Testing real studio lighting

in #photography2 years ago

During my 10 years of shooting, this is my first time actually taking a photo with three actual studio lights.

Until today, I've been using only one flash, some reflectors (like walls and white cardboard sheets) and occasionally some industrial flood lights.

This time I have 3 actual softboxes in addition to my old flash.

I'll be posting more photos when I get the gist of it, but in the meantime, here's a photo of Ninnu, my dog:


I love Ninnu as she is so easy-going whenever I ask her to do a shoot. She's the perfect model.

I guess it isn't really a secret, but as a portrait photographer I suck when it comes to shooting people, however I do love shooting animals, and find them very forgiving when it comes to taking their pictures.

Now that I've got access to studio lighting, I will eventually be able to take my pet and product photography to the next level. Good thing, that.

See you!

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Wow! Ninnu looks so beautiful and elegant in this light! Smashing photo!

Thank you! I also think it's one of the best ones taken of her.

She is such a joy to work with too! 😊

Ninnu is very smart and she knows how to be helpful!!

Did she miss her puppies at all?!

Have a nice weekend.

Yes. About two days later she suddenly started looking for them in all the places she had been with them. Trying to sniff around and figure out where they disappeared. I guess their smell is still around. I still get a tear in my eye every time she does it.

Thank you, I wish you the same!

Oh! Ninnu! But she’ll soon forget about her puppies; the mother instinct is still strong! Good thing dogs don’t have long term memory! You ought to clean up the old scent a bit. Hope all will be fine very soon.