I think if I were you, I would forget about hearing from the MOH. Just recover and get on with life. Unless your condition worsens, then call an ambulance and go to A&E immediately. After all, they are now treating it like a flu and expects everyone to recover from it - unless you have other health conditions.

After all, they are now treating it like a flu and expects everyone to recover from it - unless you have other health conditions.

Probably because this is what it is. Or even less than that. And everything else is an unnecessary drama. The not tested vaccines are the real dangers.

I wish a quick recovery, of course. Probably that will be the case, as with most of the cases. Especially if the patient does not have any other health problems, as you said.

Many people do not even notice that they catched COVID-19. Some of them thinks that they catched common cold.

This could also be the case with me too. COVID-19 could have easily passed through me, without I noticing anything.

We are vaccinated. So, probably that is why @ace108 's symptoms are mild.

That was more or less the conclusion but the lack of management really screws up the life of many other people too and there are thousands of people in the last week of so affected that lost faith. Let's see how many people still remember in a few years time.

Yes, they didn't do a good job this time. Let's hope they will be forgiven. 😊

It's not easy to forgive if you have people in the family affected badly including those who died.

True. Let's hope nobody died because of their mistake.

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Hey @ace108,
Sorry to jump in with something a bit off-topic.
I'm looking for support for the HiveBuzz proposal which went unfunded today.
Do you mind supporting it? That would be greatly appreciated.

Have a good weekend.

Thank you for your unfailing support, really appreciate it! 👍

You're welcome

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