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You mean the store whom you cancelled the sofa purchased from was still delivered to you ?
How is that possible ?

No I purchased from another store after that

Nice sofa set and it looks comfortable.

It's better than the floor.
Thanks for coming by.

That's very nice. hope you didn't quarrel with the formal delivery guy

We cancelled the order so no former delivery. 😎

Same thing here is happening. You cant buy a thing. Pretty soon there wont be a need for money coz there is nothing to buy lol.

That is why people are spending money which i didn't expect in the early half of last year

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Oh! How nice! I think it really is quite attractive. Nice choice and I am sure the in-laws are happy!

There's always that one nosey neighbor who has to know how much everything costs!

A beautiful set after the month long wait!

Haha, many people are looking at ways to spend money with many travel plans put off for a long time