how is covid in Singapore? friend said still restrictions but seems like you are always out and about! lol

There is restriction dine in and was up to a group of two maximum until not very long ago they up it to group of five. I still need to go to workplace to access some data that I cannot access from home but otherwise the government instruction is work from home by default. Restaurants and malls are now restricted to vaccinated people only with library also added to the list recently. The list of countries for the VTL (vaccinated travel lane) grows but we just stopped people traveling coming from South Africa. There is supposed to be a big Bloomberg event this month. Our number of infection is more than a thousand a day recently.

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Did you hear about the cartoonist being investigated?
Police on the case say he has a sketchy past.

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What does a thesaurus have for breakfast?
A synonym roll.

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Nice sculpture, I like the details, seeing the children playing on it reminds me of my childhood.

I think it will remind many people of their childhood day

Love the teapot @ace108, if I am ever to visit Singapore again I would love to stop and sit at the base of the highly intricately carved and artistic teapot. I so admire sculptures.

This is one of the piece in the city I really like with the details. It's at Orchard Road where our shopping area is located.

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