that moron was really ruining your beautiful day isn't it?
he should consider others when coughing really

Yes, he is definitely inconsiderate to people around him

Oh that is so gross especially in these times!

BTW you happened to capture a flying saucer in your night shot between the tree and the moon. Might be worth a lot of money?!? 😁

I saw that as I click but it's the funny reflection/refraction in the camera when I sometimes shoot bright object.

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Nice photography of tasty food items.

Thanks for coming by.
Have a good day.

Ace大佬那边的炒果条价格真佛心,这里三块钱 = 吃自己 XD


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I kinda want to have this noodles too.


Some people could be so disrespectful sometimes. Someone has to teach them a lesson. Good thing you did. Its annoying for sure

thanks for visiting.
Hope you get some nice noodle soon