My Strategy and New NFT Collection - Lofoten Shorelines #1

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Hi Folks!

As I am learning more and more about NFT's, I really doubt that I can manage to sell a collection in the future - first thing is - Photography, if You are not a worldwide well known photographer as Daniel Kordan - Your chances to earn a big money on nft is poor...

Other thing is - if You are not a great part of a Twitter community, if You don't have huge followers base on IG or FB and especially - all the NFT's groups - Your chances are even lower...

BUT - I am going after the first thought and action - if You said "A" You have to say "B" as we used to say in Poland.

I invest some money into Opensea platform and I will try to do my best.


I am planning to share a few different collections of my photographs. All the photos will be only in 1 copy available - so only one person can be an owner of the original photo.

I am also planning to cover all my best photos in these collections.

In final - all the collections will cover fully my portfolio images - so - if someone will decide to have it - will be the only owner of my lifetime work.


Second collection which I am building right now is "Lofoten - Shoreline Paradise".
Totally 30 photographs which will cover my 3 different trips to Lofoten and were taken during my photographic workshops organized with other people.

Unique views, amazing seascapes, memorable moments...

In this gallery - 5 first photos which are available already as a first drop.




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