Daily Nature Photo Challenge Winners | Week 4

Hello Nature lovers!

Welcome to the 5th Week of our Daily Nature Photo Challenge. I want to thank everyone who's participating in my daily photo challenge. Also, I want to thank @homecook for donating again 1 SBD to our reward pool. For the Week 3 Challenge we got 3 winners and they are @felixixi, @ejeeywander, and @leeart. Please expect to receive your reward tomorrow :).

For the Week 4 of our Nature Photo Challenge we only got 2 winners who will also receive 0.1 SBD each plus 35% of post reward.


Nature Photo Challenge Winners Week 4

Tuesday- Waterphotography

Nature Photo Challenge by @catietan

Wednesday- Skyphotography
Nature Photo Challenge by @mhm-philippines

Congratulations to our winners!!

70% of the earnings of this post will be divided into our 2 winners as soon as it reaches payout plus 0.1 SBD each from the donation of our generous fellow Steemian.

Please help me resteem and upvote this post to increase the reward of our winners. Donation is also welcome ^_^

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Note: Tag for animalphotography had changed. Instead of #animalphotography please use #faunaphotography so it will be easy for me to look for your entries.

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Thank you @wondersofnature!

Congrats @catietan and @mhm-philippines! Keep sharing the beauty of nature.

Thank you for your support.. ☺️

Thank you @wonderofnature!!
God bless you more and more..

Thank you for participating :)

Thank you , this is my winning entry..how can i received the reward,, my ist time to win the contest @wondersofnature... thank you..

wow congrats Joe.

Thank you so much @wondersofnature.

You are welcome :)

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Hi, this week i take a part on your challenge but anyhow my post doesn't appear in feed. here it is: https://steemit.com/plantphotography/@haristourist/nature-photo-challenge-small-guide-to-tu-2018-05-17-12-01-53 😀

Thanks! I will check on it :)

You are most welcome...