Penny Wise, Dollar Stupid

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Maybe we all fall into this trope in a way or another. I certainly have to admit it's a constant struggle, but I always seem surprised when I find this behavior in people around me, as if I need a constant reminder that we are all flawed.

typical tuesday

We all have our blind spots, and I'm no exception. There are expenses that are not difficult for me to make, but there are some that make me feel like burning money in a toilet. What is curious about these two categories is that they don't seem to be governed by logic, or at least not entirely.

Header 1Eating out, yes…

Like any other Joe schmoe I love eating out. I enjoy the experience of a pleasant restaurant, good food and good company. I've spent unjustifiable amounts in places to eat food that I can probably do without, but it never made me feel quite as guilty as it should.

If I over analyze it, I'm tempted to conclude that I value experiences more than I do things, which makes it logical, but then again this is not a rule I follow to the tee.

Grocery shopping on the other hand…

Fills me with guilt. I pick up products based on price most of the time, and even though it might be worth it, if the cart looks like I'm being too splurgy I leave it behind. Yes, even if I can afford it.

The point here is that its an emotional decision, that I tend to disguise in my mind as logical. These are not logical things at all. As a matter of fact, It makes more sense to think inverse the whole dynamic. To see eating out as splurgy and grocery shopping as conservative, measured.

Header 1What good is it?

To pick the cheaper cheese, take the generic tortillas that don't taste that great, if I'm going to spend 30 dollars eating out the same day, the same night.

If I broke it down to ingredients, I probably quadrupled the amount paid for the equivalent things, just so that I can have my experience. How stupid is that?

Guilty… guilty as charged

Penny wise, dollar stupid


Funny. I've never found dining out particularly appealing. A nice meal is always great; but restaurant atmosphere's not a drawcard for me. I'll grab a takeaway, curry or Chinese; but I'd rather eat at home, or down at the beach :)

different strokes for different folks as they say... You probably look at me like Im wasting my money, and I cant defend myself. hahahahah

I spent half of my wealth on hookers and cocaine; then just wasted the rest.