Silencing Assange: Confirmation Proof

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I reported a few days ago that Assange's lawyer, Ed Fitzgerald unhatched a plot to assassinate him by US intelligence services, British intel along with a private company in charge of security at the Ecuadorian Embassy. Julian's death of course was intended to look like an accident, either through poisoning or a botched kidnapping attempt. The Washington Standard has just released an article that conforms what I reported earlier going into more detail.

 Wikileaks founder Julian Assange’s attorney has claimed that the government of the united States has plotted to kidnap and poison Assange. Assange’s lawyer Edward Fitzgerald told Judge Vanessa Baraitser that the plan was to make Assange’s death appear like an accident. He claims that US intelligence agencies would with Spanish company UC Global to extensively spy on Assange while he was inside the embassy. In fact, he claimed that “extreme measures” were ” considered. 

This unconscionable plot shows just how desperate that deep state actors both in the UK and the US are to prevent Assange from testifying. There's a lot about this case that just doesn't add up. First of all, Julian doesn't have to testify in his own defense- it's up to the prosecution to present a prima facie case against him, in all likelihood what would amount to a Stalinesque- style show trial. The maneuvers of the British courts, to hold him in solitary confinement and subject him to druggings psychological torture are transparent- to prevent him from participating in his own defense, instruction his lawyers as to what questions to ask the prosecution witnesses (if they're allowed to question them at all). That's one way to elicit the truth and the deep state prosecutors will go to any lengths- including murder it appears- to see that never happens. It seems unnecessary to point out that justice is supposed to be a pursuit of truth, not an effort to cover it up.

Are we to believe that the deep state is any less desperate now, and that the "kill order" has been lifted due to their plot being uncovered? I would remind people that at least of the country was aware of Jeffrey Epstein's crimes as well as his ties to powerful people... yet he still managed to "commit suicide." If anything they're more desperate now- desperation that will grow the closer that the extradition and upcoming trial approaches. Are we to believe that these corrupt intel agencies have had a sudden change of heart... maybe we should ask Jeffrey Epstein. Moreover, in the unlikely event that Julian is exonerated, then what... will he walk out of court a free man to pick up where he left off? Ironically, or probably not, the same deep state actors threatened by Epstein's potential revelations are the same ones threatened by what Assange can reveal.

A witness, a whistleblower, describes what went on while Assange was still at the Ecuadorian Embassy:

 “There were conversations about whether there should be more extreme measures contemplated, such as kidnapping or poisoning Assange in the embassy,” Fitzgerald told the court.…The source of the claim heard in court on Monday is a whistleblower known only as ‘witness two’, responsible for exposing UC Global owner David Morales and his role in the surveillance operation for “the dark side” — meaning the US government. The witness described the Americans as “desperate.” One suggestion was that the embassy door could be left open, which could make a kidnapping look like an “accident.” There wasn’t as much information given about the poisoning claim. 

The new revelation here being the desperation expressed by "the dark side." The only things that have changed are the location (Belmarsh Prison) and the circumstances- the desperation is still in place. At this point there seems to be no "best case scenario" for Julian. For argument's sake, let's assume that Assange is exonerated- given his freedom- then what? He still knows what he knows and likely has reams of evidence. He becomes an even bigger threat to the deep state. Does he go into WITSEC where the government has access to his whereabouts?

In addition to the "final solution" plan, kidnapping by American intel services was also discussed... the outcome of which should be painfully obvious.

 This was not the first time claims had been made that the US considered such extreme measures for dealing with Assange. In a 2019 presentation on the technical aspects of the surveillance operation, German hacker Andy Muller-Maguhn, who had visited Assange inside the embassy, claimed that kidnapping and poisoning were options for the US government and that all doors and windows in the embassy were documented so various options could be explored. Assange was even filmed meeting with his legal team — and got so desperate about constant surveillance that he started sleeping in a tent inside his bedroom, the Telegraph reported.It was part of an alleged plot that contemplated a sinister ending for the hacker accused of putting lives at risk with his massive dump of top-secret US documents and diplomatic cables, the court was told. 

This massive dump that "put lives at risk" was done years ago and to the best of my knowledge there were no massacres on account of it. This is just hyperbole geared at pushing the deep state propaganda in an attempt to sway public opinion. But the plot gets even more sinister in nature:

 “There were conversations about whether there should be more extreme measures contemplated, such as kidnapping or poisoning Julian Assange in the embassy,” Assange’s attorney, Edward Fitzgerald, told the court, according to the Daily Mail.  Witness Two revealed that Morales “said the Americans were desperate and had even suggested more extreme measures could be applied against the guest to put an end to the situation,” Fitzgerald told the court, the Mail said.Morales was actively working with “the dark side — in other words, US intelligence agencies,” Fitzgerald claimed, according to the report.  As if that was not enough, there’s more. 

The only news outlet with enough integrity to report on Julian's situation is RT, another irony in this situation. If you want the truth turn to Russia, the "bad guys," if you want lies tune into your local news, America's "purveyors of truth." I guess the banner on the Washington Compost says it best: Democracy Dies in Darkness (and along with it truth and credible journalism). I mention this because I keep hearing things like "this is about more than just one man," and "this is about truth, credibility and accountability." These things are true, but this man (Assange) has put his life on the line for these same principles- he at the very least deserves his life. According to RT:

 Last October, during a hearing to request a delay to February’s extradition, Assange’s legal team also argued that the US had tried to “kidnap and harm” the journalist. Mark Summers QC also brought up the fact that the US had been “intruding” on conversations between him and his lawyers, but Judge Baraitser denied the request for more time. 

In the UK, as in America, there is attorney-client privilege, something denied Assange. This should be enough to have the case thrown out of court. However, in their desperation to silence Assange fundamental rights, guaranteed to all citizens, have been ignored. Not only are his rights being violated, his life is in peril:

 The threat of death has likely not been far from Assange’s mind since he launched WikiLeaks back in 2006. Last year, his father John Shipton revealed that he warned his son that he could be killed for his work. “You want to be careful because they might shoot you, or push you off a bridge,” Shipton recalls telling him. None of this is surprising.  Remember when all the nutballs in the mainstream media were talking about assassinating him? 

In this short video (2:42) Assange is called a "terrorist" over and over again and a threat to democracy. When the truth becomes an "attack on democracy," democracy is perhaps not the best system of government. He's called a "traitor" to a country in which he has no citizenship. They rightly say that "this is a war," but it isn't on democracy, it's a war on truth from the deep state's side and a war on corruption from Julian's. What is particularly troubling is that the video shows how miniscule the chances are of him receiving a fair trial in the US. 

This is the same narrative the deep state has been pushing all along, whether against Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, or Julian Assange- if you threaten their criminal cabal with the truth, you're a "terrorist" who deserves to die. If you want to know who would likely be prosecuted under a legitimate system of justice, just look at who's in the video condemning Assange the loudest. As Q constantly reminds us: "Those who scream the loudest." I fear for Julian's life- the public outcry for justice needs to become much louder and widespread. 



Human government is a murdering beast. It must be put down.



The truth is hated in an Orwellian world. As much as the deep state tries to cover it up, in the end, evil is exposed for what it is... filth. Thanks @richq11 for your writing. will resteem. Blessings.

I don't see any good outcome for Julian I'm afraid. He's the proverbial "Man who knew too much." I guess you know about the shake up here on Steemit- the "take over" it's really important to vote for witnesses outside the top 20. Look for "Witness Thread" on the right hand side and not "External Site." We have to try to keep it decentralized