Yeti is diabled in the sound control panel. Please enable it to configure in G HUB.

in #palnetlast month

Hi everyone. As you know I record all my Youtube videos with a Blue Yeti microphone. I have come across a new problem when I'm trying to add some sound effects to my microphone. Inside Logitech G Hub, it now says my Blue Yet is disabled in the sound control panel.

The ironic thing is, if I'm recording right now with my Blue Yeti microphone (using Bandicam), how can the yeti be disabled? I've checked the sound panel back and forth and cannot see anything about it being disabled.

After searching in the forums I saw someone say that it is the speakers of the Yeti that was disabled. So I went in the sound settings and for sure it was the speakers that were disabled. After enabling them, it started working again. Just thought I'd make a video to share the experience!


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