What a great way to burn away the stress - My fire poi night out...

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It sure has been a while since my last fire poi post, and I guess the reason for that is two fold. One: It has been a very long time since I picked up the poi - let alone do a fire show, and Two: my main focus and priority has been the farm.


But this Friday that passed I ended up doing a fire show as part of a fund raiser/ art expose for a very small privately owned school. A gig that I somehow managed to commit to without thinking things through, but I will be the first to admit, once I was there and the first set of poi were in my hands and lit - all regrets for me agreeing to do a show after such a long time went up in smoke.


Due to a lack of practice and general insecurities, i decided not to go to fancy with this show, and just took three basic sets of poi with me. which was the single poi, the three poi and of course the fire blades ( you can see those in first picture of this post)

(directly above, I was using the single poi)


This time round we had a photographer on site, which meant that I actually managed to get some decent pictures of me fire dancing for a change. Sadly no video though, as that would have been amazing to pair up with some of my music at some stage.
(All the credit for the photos used in this post goes directly to Joe Dreyer, and are posted with his permission)


Despite being extremely nervous at the beginning of the show, a few beers and a shot or two of tequila remedied that quite fast, and I ended up having such a great time, to the extent of me wondering how I neglect to make time for something I love doing this much - but I guess we all slip up in that department at times.


At this event I was playing to the rhythms of an amazing old school Jazz band, and I still recall the fire and the brass filling up the night sky. All and all it was a lovely evening. And I am grateful that I got some pics of the fire in action for my collection.


Its always hard for me to leave the farm due to circumstances, but at the end of the day, some time away is also sometimes needed, and if I could do that while giving back to the community, then my heart is happy. And yes I came home with a few minor burns - but I will wear my scars with pride LOL


Only minor burns?!! We also don't leave the farm easily. Actually I virtually never leave...but I don't think I would be leaving to flag fires! How did you get into fire poi? I am totally fascinated. The photos are amazing - good thing you had a professional. Everyone has hobbies but WOW @breezin this is really something else

Good evening lovely bokkie lady - remember to reply to email or whatsapp me LOL
(I think I finally met someone worse at replying than myself :D )
I got into poi, because at a young age my daughter saw a show and she was so fascinated with it, living in an area where things like that is unheard of, I decided to learn in order to teach her, long story short, she lost interest, and I carried on haha the things we do,
since then I have played with some amazing national and musicians, seen some lovely festivals, all and all just an amazing journey. But havnt been actively performing for a few years now.

OOOOOHHHH - I got some good news, I bartered some items for 3 nigerian milk goats, its not Saanen... But its a start.
Problem is, I will have to train the new dogs that got here after the last goats left... and I have to finish a proper pen for them before I collect them.

I also went to go check out the guys milking station, it seems simple enough to build, but he has an electric milker... do you milk by hand?
I am so keen on this new venture, but there is still so much to get in place, time and hands are few LOL

That is an embaressing fact! Although I used to be the best correspondent over the last year I and my devices are not friends. Sorry. Our solar crashed and we were offline. Now I'm trying to catch up. Will WA tonight...maybe....

YAY for goats. I'd love to know how your Nigerian (dwarf?) goats are. Yes. I currently milk by hand. Considering I only have one girl in milk. I prefer it. But when I have a couple dozen to milk the machine is better. Also I'm the only one on the farm who can milk by hand (apart from my children but they are still getting up to speed as it's rather demanding on the hands). Hope you get your dogs sorted out. Mine have been told that they ARE expendible and the goats are NOT!

Your fire story is amazing! I am so impressed

Hier is 'n !BEER om bietjie af te koel!!

Ag Dankie Man!! Cheers
ek kort nog heelwat bier voor ek by 24 uitkom, dalk moet ek maar inkoop :D

Oh wow, that is freaking awesome breezy!

Daaaaw, thanks hun... its been a while hey - the next day I had aches and pains in places i forgot excised LOL

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Thanks so much for the support guys :D

I had no idea you are a fire dancer, OMG 😱 that's hot 🔥 😂😂❤️

LOL I used to go out and do shows all over, but I haven't in quite some time now
It really is a ton of fun though, cleansing almost :D

Literally burning 🔥🔥🔥❤️😍

Hey @breezin, here is a little bit of BEER from @rynow for you. Enjoy it!

Do you want to win SOME BEER together with your friends and draw the BEERKING.

Damn these photos came out amazing, would have loved to see a video of this too!

Thanks Julia,
Me too :( I have been considering getting a decent camera and a tripod at some stage, because somehow everyone wants to take photos, and I never get nice videos

Love these shots and so happy to hear you made time to do something you love, these are the things that get us through tough times. Been a while since I caught up with how you are doing, so real happy to catch this post and see you rockin it xxxxx

Thank you so much TLF
It was pretty amazing and I should seriously consider making time for it more often.
It is great to see that you are still alive and kicking :)
Wishing you and yours a very blessed festive season <3

Impressive! I think I could do this fire dance, but I probably burn myself and half the town. Amazing performance and amazing photographs.

Hey there,
Thank you ever so much.
Hahaha when I first started, I was also afraid of setting myself and everything around me alight, but you do get more confident with some practice and patience <3