Here We Go Again - My First Post for the New Year

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Well people I guess it is that time of year when we all get to reminisce about the past 365 days and speculate on our road ahead, but irrespective of how long we want to linger in the past or plot the future, we need to acknowledge that every moment we are given is a fresh page in a new chapter, and with the pen of life filled with ink, we better start writing.
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For me personally this past year has held many obstacles challenges and as a result a whole lot of growth. I have said goodbye to a few friends and made some new ones along the way. I managed to rebuild a great deal of what was lost on the farm thorough the past few years of drought, and lived through some horrendous politically driven events. I was forced to deal with bad health, matters of the heart and interesting circumstances, and I have needed to make some tough decisions - but you know what? I am still standing!

As life goes at the end of the day, many things change, many stay the same, and some remain a repetitive forced cycle, that comes and goes with the seasons and the wind. The best that we can do, is embrace every moment that we are given and make the most of what we have. This is the life that we were given, its what we make of it that matters!

And with the festive season all wrapped up and life returning to (semi) normal I would like to wish everyone a prosperous blessed new year, filled with love laughter, happiness and health.


Much Love


Good to have you here in 2022!