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During the latest CTT Episode, @starkerz stated that we should be promoting HIVE based on account ownership. He wondered why we haven't done so before. So, I decided to make some.

After brainstorming, I came to the following.

Serious about your Freedom of Speech?
Own your account.


Here is how it turned out.

Own Your Account

Plus a few more.

Own Your Community

Own Your Account The Man

Own Your Digital Freedom

3Speak Own Your Video

Please help spread ownership to the rest of the world.

Feel free to use any of these images to promote Hive and other Hive powered sites.

If you have ideas for the top slogan and "Own your {X}" please feel free to comment them and I will make the good ones. It doesn't have to be just for Hive, but anything powered by Hive.


Simple and effective!
Thats the way.

Thanks for making this

Thanks, glad you like it.

When we do get 100m users how do we avoid a massive political flag war ? Youd think we would be cool with people on left snd right competing with hivepower but theyll just make their own private hivemind dpos chains

We need to create the new politically neutral chain with twitter and elon and secure twitters project blue sky steemit stuff ...i think elon is going to buy steemit from justin sun and binance .... and make it run twitter ... and its gonna make us have to explain why we made hive ....

They want hive to seem like some sort of darknet lol


I don't believe that we need a new chain to achieve these goals. It would just run it to all the problems of starting a new chain. You risk being stupid: pre-mines, pre-sales, over the counter sales, ninja-mined assets by founders and a company that can easily be brought to heel by any nation.

You need adoption and value flowing in the system. Which we are working on building here. Hive is the right chain for political divides. As they can all live on the Hive blockchain just fine. They just spin up their own frontend, and they are free to block and censor whomever their community wishes. All without preventing those blocked from posting.

If Justin Sun sells Steem to Elon Musk. I'll laugh.

Hive != Steem
(Hive is not equal to Steem)

Because we have made so many technical advances on Hive. Steem is basically a joke in comparison. Also, almost all the value on Steem has been drained out of it. First, with the exit of many, many communities and apps changing to Hive. Second, they have been playing games with the token value. He is not about to admit to being a failure. Because of this, J. Sun is going to get pennies on the dollar, if that. He would have to be willing to admit defeat, and that's never going to happen.

As to making the Hive look like the dark web, maybe they could. We are the Dark Horse and will be until the world figures out they need us.



Awesome, i love it!

I won't be surprised if I saw someone walking on the street and wearing a shirt using this logo

I'm not against make these into shirts if there is actual demand.

cool, let's roll with them

These are great!
!GIF great work


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"Own your freedom"
Thank's for these fantastic images.

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