Before Hitting A Defenseless Player Was illegal

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You're now tuned in to a lot of things including but not limited to: Sports memorabilia, collectibles, the origin of my DNA, Denver Broncos football and how I got those cards signed, Los Angeles, my first NFL experience, something else, other stuff most likely but most importantly how the Oakland - Los Angeles - Oakland again - Las Vegas Raiders and their fans are toilet decor in 3.. 2..


1989, Darren Carrington's rookie year. He began his NFL career returning kicks for the Broncos, six years later retired a Raider of all things, he plays a significant role in this.

I would've been either seven or eight years old in '89—first live NFL experience. My mothers side of the family are all from Colorado, where Denver is. I'm from California but was born and raised a Broncos fan. The first game I went to it was just me and her, Broncos vs Raiders at the L.A Colosseum.

Eight. I stood between three and four feet tall at that age and weighed somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 pounds soakin wet. I'm decked out head-to-toe in Broncos gear; navy sweat pants that say Broncos in big orange letters down the legs, a Vance Johnson #82 jersey and a Broncos hat. Had either myself or my tiny little 27 year old mother known Raiders fans disrespect and physically assault children I would've worn something else.

I was terrified before she parked the car. Colosseum parking lot in South Central Los Angeles looked like a wild dog fight. I remember not wanting to leave. My mother dismissed it, said I had nothing to worry about, "they're just playing" she said.

Immediately upon exiting the car that wild dog fight surrounded me. They were screaming and yelling, pointing fingers and cursing at me, they called me so many names that day, names I'd never heard before. My mom locked the doors and got us the hell out of there.

It didn't get any better as we approached the entry gates. I wasn't the only Broncos fan anymore but the number of Raider fans was overwhelming. They had painted faces and chains around their necks. A lot of them had spikes on their shoulders. They were growling and barking like dogs, stomping their feet as hard as they could against the pavement, threatening everyone in orange.


src The closer we got to the field the louder they got and they're multiplying exponentially. I remember stopping at a concession stand and grown men pushed me around; first from the back, pointing and cursing at me, then the side, shoved my back again, repeat. My mother started screaming and cursing and pushing the whole crowd back by herself until security surrounded us. Concession stand was a one time thing, we didn't do that again.

We made it to our seats and sat down, it didn't get any better. Tension only intensified. Games on TV were nothing like this.

I don't remember if it was before or after the coin toss, game hadn't started yet, might've been in the middle of player introductions when the first beer hit me in the back. A full beer emptied on my neck. It happened a second time and then a tray of corn dogs hit me. It was full of mustard. Grown men in silver and black make-up are throwing shit at me. My mother tried situating me on her lap for awhile but the seats were too small. It didn't take long before she completely lost it.


src She's pissed! Screaming, pushing back against a mob of drunk ass silver and black painted people all by herself, curse words are flying from every direction. Now grown men and women are throwing stuff at both of us.

Security charged our section. Then cops rushed in and defused the situation before anyone got hurt. All that action in the seats and I don't think the 2nd quarter began yet. I'm a mess, soaked in beer, dressed in ketchup and mustard. Now there's a police officer standing at the end of our row. My mom took me back toward the concession stands before halftime.

She got me a different shirt, I don't remember what it said. I found a men's toilet and turned my sweats inside out so they didn't have bright orange letters on them. We went back to our seats.

It's halftime now, most the area around us cleared out, all but a few people were somewhere else. A gentleman behind me to the right knelt toward me and cautiously whispered:

Are you still a Broncos fan?

'Yes I am.'

Know who Darren Carrington is?

'Yup, #21, rookie. He returns kicks and punts for us.'

You're a Broncos fan alright. Darren's my son, would you like to meet him after the game?

My eyes probably grew bigger than footballs, yankin at my mom like 'Can we??' She smiled, "of course," and thanked the man.

The Broncos won that day. Rick Karlis, the Broncos kicker for more than 10 years kicked a game winning field goal. One of those long range last second kicks where the clock expired with the ball in the air. "The kick is up.. It's good!"


Darren's dad escorted us around the back of the Colosseum where the visiting team exits the locker room to board the buses. He must've explained to Darren how terrible the fans were to me because he was exceptionally kind. "I hear you're a Broncos fan," he said "wanna meet some of my teammates?"

Again I stared at mom with football size eyes. "Go ahead, have fun." He led me onto one of their buses, there must've been five tour buses parked there. I went on the one with Dan Reeves, he was the head coach, got to meet him and shake his hand. Knowing what I know now, I was on the running back/wide receiver bus. I met Sammy Winder, Gerald Wilhite, Mark Jackson, even Vance Johnson, and a few others.

We went back where my mom was. I showed Darren my '87 Elway football card and asked if I could meet John Elway. "No, I'm sorry. I can't get you on that bus" he said. I didn't realize what I was asking. "Let me see your card." I pulled out my Elway along with a Karl Mecklenburg who played defensive tackle and a Dennis Smith—strong safety.

How about this? Give me your cards and your address. I'll get them signed and mail them back to you.


Of course mom agreed. I gave him my cards, she gave him our address, everyone shook hands, thank you thank you thank you. We went home.

I don't remember how much time passed. It wasn't long before a package arrived in the mail from the Denver Broncos training facility in Englewood, Colorado, addressed to me.

What I can not show you is the game ball they sent me with the entire teams signatures on it as well as a hat. One of those old hats with an elastic strap. They were stolen from my storage locker several years ago. They stole all of my mothers things that day too.

Not my cards though! I was already a Broncos fan but that game etched a permanent place in my heart for Denver Broncos football. Mecklenburg signed Phil 4:8 alongside his name.

I watched them play all over the place the next 30 years, even went to a couple training camps. Scouted college recruits like I was on payroll, wished for season tickets, painted my softail blue and orange, etcetera. Off-season was my least favorite time of year.

I haven't watched a fraction of the NFL since 2017 but I still have two favorite teams—Broncos and whoever's playing the Raiders. Only thing better than a Broncos win is a Raiders loss.













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Thank you.

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Thank you for listening.

One of my main selling points when representing Ecency is how responsive and attentive you guys are.


Damn that's some crazy shit, I couldn't imagine harassing a fucking kid like that just for a sporting event!

I'm not really a sports person so I guess I don't get the passion but one thing I could certainly agree on was seeing the raiders lose after that shit is awesome! There's no reason for that type of shit to happen.

Glad you got to have a solid win after that and met the team and got some cool stuff out of it! Good place to put the raiders logo, right on the toilet lol

If neighbors wouldn't get the wrong impression I'd have a raiders door mat too. Wipe your muddy feet on it real good.

I'm not sure how many stadiums I've been to but that one was the worst. The two teams have a historical rivalry and they're in the same division but so are/were the chargers and the chiefs but those fans were pleasant. Never a bad time in San Diego of KC.

I had matching paper for a minute but it ruined a perfectly good turd.

Lol door mat would be great too! I used to have a sweatshirt that was my friends company and he borrowed the Raiders logo, with a small alteration. Will always remember that team now even though I don't watch the stuff. The company went under sadly. The logo might have ruined it hahaha

Well I hope your buddy managed to bounce back financially is the p/c response.

That's wtf he gets is how I really feel.

Hahah yeah he’s doing fine I think. Haven’t talked to him in almost 9 years but he was always good at figuring out things to do for decent work.

What's the latest with you? You going south or what? I need an update.

Yeah man except now we are flying. We weighed it out, I came up with a route and it would take 4 days of driving, maybe 5 and we are pretty sure our son won’t be able to handle that many days in the car. I was factoring in breaks and all that but my wife also hates being in the car for very long periods of time hahaha.

The driving route would have kept us a lot further East than I thought, we wouldn’t be too close to TN when I was doing the route.

We are hoping sometime in February to fly down, you scheduled to pop over the pond in March right?

"April." I quote it like that cuz "plan" is a funny word.

You're relocating without a vehicle? I'm understanding correctly? You're moving there permanently next month with just the three of you and what you can fit in suit cases?

The plot thickens..

LMAO that intro / build-up to the raiders toilet decor got me good. Hahah, well crafted, sir.

And dayumn... after all that abuse, Carrington's Dad connects with you?

And then you meet the whole team and get autographs mailed to you?

(Lame about the theft, but at least you've still got the cards :D)

Thanks for sharing this story man, wishing you a great night! 🙏

My pleasure Jay. Thanks a lot for hanging out with me. How's it up there, you guys still healthy?

I got those stickers when I was in Long Beach. It's in LA County so easily 1/2 the people who stopped by were either raider fans or closet raider fans and 100% of'em had to piss sooner or later at my place. 👊🏼

Cheers dude.

Absolutely! Yeah, healthier than ever, actually, and I trust you and Pura are as well? No major changes on the 'adjusted dietary' schedule, etc.?

I'm not too familiar with Long Beach or LA, but I 'get the vibe' of hostile fanbases, and although I wouldn't envy you, it did lead to some pretty epic and rare Football experiences. :) Cheers! 🙏


!CHEERS @eii thank you.

@eii(2/10) gave you LUV. H-E tools | connect | <><

I'm on a seafood diet.
When I see food I eat it.

Credit: happyme
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Great story! Although you sound delicious dressed up like a hot dog and seasoned with beer, brutal experience. Pack of animals. I know nothing about football, but the guys in the pick look like a pack of mutants.

Pretty cool photos, although I don't get the adorned toilet thing at all.

Murica.. that's why the toilet thing.

If it can be purchased.. it will be.

They were stickers. You have to really despise a team to purchase stickers for a toilet. It was either that or toilet paper but I hate ruining a good turd.

Okay then, I'll carry on. I'm only half American.

And those guys are everywhere at a raiders home game. Pre-game ritual of who can apply the most make-up like a girl.

I watched those two teams play each other I have no idea how many times. Not in LA.

I pulled this Dodger Stadium article up for someone else and, well, I've been there too. I've been to a buncha stadiums Nine and I hate to admit it but it might just be an LA thing.

They're stickers. In Long Beach those stickers are everywhere but the best part is in Long Beach there's raider fans everywhere, too, and they all had to piss in my toilet when they were at my place.


Well, that's a whole new learning experience about how this goes in the US. I've never attended any sports games, although I could have. Only time I've seen a stadium have been concerts. Yes, Canadians do these things, just not me.

Pretty funny about the stickers.

The new app update is being wonky. I think that's how they say annoying dick in Canada.

Geeze. I can't believe the fans would do that to an eight year old kid. That's taking things way too far in my opinion. Insane really. Nice of the team to let you meet some of them though and the fact that they mailed you that stuff is amazing. Too bad it was stolen. Awesome memories though. Those are priceless.

Yooo! Wassup Leaky? Have I told you lately thanks for keeping an eye on me?

Every time something bad happens to the raiders like their head coach getting fired for racial slurs or GM's arrested for DUI or a draft pick bust, my sentiments are consistent: Couldn't have happened to be a better team.

I've been way too busy today. It should be illegal like helmet to helmet to be this busy .

Yo what's up. Busy day - those are never good, except the times they are good lol

On 1, reeeaaaddy BREAK!

Who knew going to a football game could be such a roller coaster? Your mom was next level gangster, if anyone wants my opinion. That's a latina level of fearless right there. I never understood that level of fanaticism, here's hoping I never do. I'm not generally an advocate for any kind of open-ended persecution, but I'd probably be okay with it being illegal to be a Raiders fan.

Yeah she was. She was way too young to be entertaining and protecting me but she handled it like a gangster.

I went to quite a few events at quite a few stadiums after that. I was the home team, away team, neutral with no stake, Raider fans are the worst. I'd have to google the year it happened but they were the first stadium in the NFL that stopped selling alcohol after half time.

Well then there's Dodger Stadium... Maybe it's an LA thing.

Cheers dude.

Not just an LA thing, they cut off alcohol early at Buffalo Sabres games too. Maybe that's just a hockey thing. I don't know if they stop serving early at Bills games, but I know a lot of those fans bring their own booze anyway.

I think several NFL stadiums if not all of them cut off alcohol sales now at half time but unless I'm mistaken, Raider stadium was the first.

You're not a sports guy? No time for that eh between stand up encore and homesteading.

I like sports well enough, but I also understand the nefarious motivations running under our 'bread and circuses'. I've never been a super fan of any sport because, well, that stuff is expensive and I had other things to spend money on. I used to watch a lot of college hockey, but as my aversion to crowds has continued to grow over the years, my interest in live competition has waned.

Of course, as an enabler, the temptation to hand my money over to the people that pay all those rageaholic addicts is tempting, but I've mostly been able to resist.

Finally, as I've aged, I've gotten a lot fussier about how I spend my money. If it isn't something that I need to live, or something that can help me earn the money back, I usually won't buy it. Pro sports expenditures don't tick either of those boxes for me.

Seems you're stuck with me this am.

Dude I had to live abroad two years and pay close attention to luggage weight n shit before it clicked. Did you know it's a 6lb difference between domestic and international flights? Here luggage can be 50lbs. Rude fuckin awakening when you gotta cut weight to 44.

Wasn't until we were doing that in 30 day intervals I realized I can only wear one pair of shoes. Then it was jeans, board shorts, damn! I only need one pair of those too. I don't even need more than one hoodie, infuckincredible.

Can never have too many drawls and socks but yeah, my closet now and most likely will always fit in one suitcase. Can't believe I used to believe I need both a dresser and a closet for shit I can't wear at the same time.

Ha, if I had known that I was stuck with you, I would have left the laptop open!

I learned a lot of lessons about living simply the hard way... by the time I was 12, we had moved something like 25 times, spanning 4 school districts between Addison, NY and Kansas City, MO. When you, your mother, possibly her boyfriend, and two little brothers pack everything you own into a station wagon and maybe the smallest U-Haul trailer you can steal rent, you learn a lot about what you really need to bring with you.

Of course, lessons get lost over the years. Now I have a closet full of shit that doesn't even fit me any more, just because it's not a priority to clean it out. I've lived in this house 5 times longer than anyplace else, and it's a fun mix of barn, museum, hardware store, and storage unit.

I didn't have siblings but we had one of those u-haul refrigerator dolly's in the garage, the wide orange ones with the black nylon strap. When I reminisce I have to think of the dirt bike I had at the time and where I was in order to guess the grade because I didn't do two years in a row at the same school til 7th. Whenever I do this I can never recall where I did third grade. Pretty sure I didn't.

Good for you being able to park. Lame you have stuff that doesn't fit but I do lame things too like judge what's in a dudes closet. I envy your ability to park.

I'm probably repeating myself I'm probably repeating myself but all I want is to be somewhere I don't want to leave.

Raiders fans are their own cult. It was with a mamma bear's righteous anger that I read the first part of your story. I dont k ow what I would have done with men behaving like that. How shameful! I just can't.

I. Glad it turned around with your getting the greetings and love from the team. That is pretty awesome. The NFL has fallen pretty far toe because of their caving to wokeness over the last few years, but even before that I like watching college ball. Since I grew up in the south, I am a Razorback fan through and through. It is just a different culture down there.

I wonder how your mom would describe that say looking back- from her perspective.

I don't know how many UCLA games I've been to. My buddy has season tickets so I'd catch a couple a year but it was always developing too quickly. Players in and out so fast, I enjoyed it but not as much as NFL.

I only wish I stopped devoting attention to it earlier. Life has time to keep up with me when I'm not pretending the league cares if I watch or not. And the craziest part, get this.. Whether I watch or not they still play and one team either wins or loses. 🤷🏼

Always a pleasure hearing from you. Got anything special you're aiming at this weekend? =}


Funny when something that you are so invested in can go on without you.

I feel like I remember a taste of that when my father passed and the world kept spinning, the mail was still delivered, and the milk still needed to be replaced. It was eerie, and also like a lightbulb went off. It happens to people every day. That is morbid compared to football, but that is when I remember the feeling strongest.

I am hoping yo jist relax this weekend. The last two weeks have been busy. There is finally nothing on my schedule for 2 days in a row and I hope to just enjoy it.

Chilling. I use the mailman reference regularly. Eh, when my mom died I didn't think there was anything stronger than a mother/son bond. Then I met Pura.

She's done what you've done. I was mistaken. Father/daughter bonds are just as gangster. And know what? The mailman never missed a beat.

Here's the kicker: My father and I had a complicated relationship, but he was still my father. I think it was a combination of things that rocked me. Being old enough to have a parent die was one aspect. Because of the difficult relationship, I was shocked at the amount of grief I experienced. It was uncanny though, how I felt my world pause, and the news still reported on how everyone else was still living.

It gave an appreciation for other people's pains and problems. Things that aren't impactful to us are no less important to the people they are happening to. Everyday, traumatic things happen to people. Their world's stop. The rest of us live on as if nothing was different. The whole thing gives me pause. It helps me to have more grace toward others because we truly have no idea what is going on behind the scenes.

So I went and checked you out real good just now. I'm glad you don't do a lot of reblogs cuz you said that so well I should keep an eye on you.

Initial screening was successful? On to Phase 2: Retention.

That's funny. Onto phase 3.

Phase 2 was funny.

Yay! 🤗
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What a crazy story. Raiders fans sound like real dicks. I have zero interest in football but I think you just gave me a team to root against.

Love what you've done with the toilet.

Colorado, where Denver is

I can confirm this is true.


Wassup my favorite Brandt? Thanks for the pizza, you always know when I'm hungry. See you 3 weeks, yeah?

My lack of interest is pretty solid now to the point I'll make an effort to ignore a game if I see one. Clueless who's even on the team anymore. It's much nicer this way.

..I think you just gave me a team to root against.

Mustard corn dogs and beer.

Three-ish weeks, yes, still the plan. I'll keep ya posted 👍 Don't go anywhere now :)

You gotta be a pretty pathetic human to throw shit at a kid who isn't doing anything wrong…

Weird how things work out! Goes to show ya how the memories is all we leave behind in this world. I mean go figure that such a kind gesture stemming from a bad situation ended up being lost to the universe in a weird circling of events like the football in question was doomed to be taken like a Raider would do!

That Toilet seat lid is cracking me up! I never liked Raider fans as a whole and feel this toilet seat lid sums up the group of fans and team! Although some Raider fans are cool just not all. Fitting they ended up in Vegas, one of the rudest and disrespectful communities out there especially now with all the murders there!

Glad you still have the signed cards tho! You got to meet Dan Reeves and some really cool talented players as well! Times were different in the 80s for sure. Good luck doing that today! Well actually the Raiders are doing stuff like this for the Las Vegas community but not at games where security is much tighter!

You know that first paragraph is poetic right?

Funny huh? That was my place in Long Beach where everyone's a raider fan. I got a lot of good feedback on it... What I mean is, the reaction was always one of three things: confused, hilarious or furious.

Darren and his dad really made an impression on me. I wonder if he remembers the story? Unlikely. Something that special for me is probably something he forgot. Not his dad, though, no way.

Appreciate you stopping by. Even if I get your attention like air traffic control. 👊🏼

Well no man. I am not getting attention. Today was weird and even my home's internet was shut off. The roomie had forgot to pay it basically. So one my phone. I am on Hive but yeah just weird day. Hard for me to concentrate here. I need two meditate. My mind is manifesting cool stuff but in real life. What I think about is manifested. Dreaming again. Not smoking cannabis is doing interesting things...

Enough of me... Dude that is so crazy how you met Dan Reeves and saw the good side of the NFL! You have had quite the exciting journey in life. Even people who are violent to each other as a job still care and have time for young ones.

Its beautiful how small acts of kindness can change a person's life in such an impactful way. Those superbowls with Elway and Terrel Davis was fun to watch but I cant imagine how that was for you!

You mean the 1997 and 1998 back to back Super Bowl victories where Terrel Davis single handedly developed a run game in Denver that still exists to this day?

Nah... never heard of it.

Did you say you stopped smoking cannabis? I wouldn't be surprised if that's why your internet is broke.

Yeah, Those Superbowls were really fun to watch! Are they still Saluting out there? I also stopped watching all sports myself probably around 2015 or so for the NFL and 2018 for NBA. Watching rigged games gets old...

Living in the Bay Area I got into Giants Baseball and Niners Football from 2008-2018ish. Am radio and Baseball never made so much sense while on the porch.

You know I met Chad Lewis, The Philly TE, as a child in the the 90s. The Mormon church was trying to convert me as a kid and he came to my house and gave my family signed photos of himself. I was a bit disrespectful but oh well, nothing like a Choose the Right autograph to turn ya off as a young kid not into organized religion and who just wanted to play football.

The Raiders came to Vegas a couple of years ago and did cool things for the community but it seemed forced in ways. Still cool the things that they did for the community out there. It is unfortunate the new breed of players and how disrespectful they are, you know the whole driving drunk and killing people or getting away with hit and runs thing kinda over shadows any community efforts made by the team. There was much more class in the 80s and 90s from the pros and society as a whole back then, especially with those Broncos. It is no surprise you had such an experience with the Broncos in general, they were the team that signed Tebow after all. Memories in the corner of my mind...

Yeah, cannabis and I have a long running relationship, 20 years, that was so beneficial but now I do not think we live in a time where I can be stoned. Already my dreams are lucid again, I am thinking of whatever and it manifests itself and yeah seems like my brain is more impactful than the internet could ever be. Probably helps not having a physically/mentally stressful job and living in a town that is not so artificial.

I enjoy being where you're at just as much as I enjoy being where I'm at. It comes and goes. And I know you know what I mean.

That was an epic story, it would have been the right moment to use Sport Talk Social, I mean it wasn't only a sport story, maybe it was a story how horrible and great humanity can be, the same day!

Bonus points for showing me your toilets!

Yooo! Thanks for tuning in Ed I appreciate that. It's when I pictured those Barry Bonds cards for you the other day I got to reminiscing with Rubido about those signed cards. I'm glad you agree it's post worthy.

I don't know if I should say it but communities confuse the shit outta me. I never know which is the correct one. Like, ever. I spend more time debating where to post than what to post. If I knew how to cross-post I guess now would be a good time...

Much love Ed. Give our love to the family. Everyone healthy? Everyone good?

I read this as I sat here @ Texas Road House waiting for my piece of dead cow...

Beside my @pooky-jax. Also a Broncos fan. She likes you more now Mr. Worst-Nurse-Ever...

What are your thoughts about the Tebow incident.?


Mmmmmmm... Cow parts. And a couple of these as chasers.

Pretty good write up from a kid who grew up covered in ketchup... Lmao.


Which part of the dead cow will you be enjoying this evening? Remind me to tell you the one about the BBQ joint in Texas with the bathtub of beer.

Should I know she travels with you? Feels like I should know and shouldn't need to ask you guys ride together regularly?

....@pookie-jax. Also a Broncos fan.

You might wanna keep that one.

Tebow. Poor guy. I wish he could've played. If not for Denver for someone. I feel bad for kids who are gangsters in college and flop in the NFL. You know they've been an elite athlete their whole life and then :bzzz: game over.

I drove 589 miles to get home, She drags me out for Top Sirlion.

I am like...

yawn... eyeball rub... ehhh... OK.

She has worked for the state of FLA since 1996. We were celebrating her promotion. Another $8k. Still not enough for me to stay home... Dammit.!!


You sure have a pretty mouth.

You don't have to get too specific but her gig just awarded you guys 8k/year, 8k/bonus or?? Sweet! Congrats @pooky-jax. <- That rhymes.

You're not a bad lookin dude. I wouldn't say never mind or anything if I was hitchhiking and you picked me up. Well until I saw the cat....


Remind me again where you're at dude. I know it's centered in northern Fla somewhere, remind me.

Much love to you guys from where I am.

DA Fuq u talkin' bout..?


This is Me...


Ruggedly Handsome

The $8k is annual income raise. Not bonus.

Your cat comment...


I think there's a rule against giving a dude a Nooooooo gif and then say Da Fuq u talkin' bout...

P.s. Lake City, FLA.

Ooh wee. It's hot there.

@jongolson I know you will appreciate these collectibles!

Yea.. that made football a little bit less entertaining.. I forgot whos strategy it was, that implemented the strat of basically: Hurt them as much as possible, until they cant effectively play any more..

Yeah some professions include ruined shoulders, ruined backs, maybe ruined lives but if they had to draw a line somewhere, ruined brains was a no-brainer.

I appreciate you relaying this one to your buddy.

There has already been too much ENGAGE today.


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