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So having been away for a while i have built up a lot of sbi rewards.
So when i started testing to see what had changed i got 'high' rewards.

No to be fair $11 reward for over $2k in the last year and a half is not what I would call a high reward. However getting these rewards downvoted to zero was just bully tactics and will keep this platform from moving forward.

If any decentralised plateform wants facebook sized income and users betting down anyone will stop its progression. This just shows that its not decentralised so I shall move on.


Sadly decentralization means that anyone can disagree with the value you're receiving and take it away from you. That does have implications for adoption rate that go beyond just 'this seems fair' or 'this seems like too much'.

In many ways, decentralization actually leads to less fair outcomes (in this case, there is a socialized reward pool with decentralized controls over distribution, which causes extreme examples of the 'tyranny of the minority'). A more centralized schema with checks to prevent individuals from economic harm inflicted by others can have its advantages... you can be censured by the central party, but that's a single party that you can track their standards and appeal decisions, instead of lots of parties with shifting quality standards and no hope of appeal.

Either way, please message me on Discord to talk about your Hive SBI. We can likely issue a partial (or full) refund. I will just need to do some analysis to get an accurate picture of what your options are.

Very well put. The eco system allows those with to dictate to those without. Having a 2mil hp account downvote a $10 post with no explanation is not a system that will encourage adoption. Personally they should never have seperated downvotes with upvotes.

At least that made people think twice before downvoring on mass.

Thank you for your offer. I will message you but I dont want my leaving to effect sbi.

Hi joseph

Could you let me know how to go about liqudating my sbi please

The refund policy is detailed in the last section of our FAQ here, including the transaction memos needed to make a request:

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