Not applying for this position, but wishing to follow along and invest with you side by side!

Thank you. :)

This sounds like a great opportunity for the right candidate. There is a lot happening at moment in the crypto world and being able to keep up with all of it and still manage the other things that come with it must be difficult. Hope you find a good person to help you on your journey.

ps. I see that this is a double post with all the same information as the previous one. I hope you don't mind me downvoting one of them to rebalance the reward pool.

Oh that sucks! Just noticing that now, thank you. Ecency botched an edit and created a duplicate. Downvote away.

What an opportunity 👀

How much experience are you looking for this apprentice to begin with in all of the areas mentioned? What age range? Or does that not matter?

I know for myself, I’m eager to expand my knowledge of the multiple dimensions you brought up in your post… I am not an expert on any of them now (perhaps time management I am).

I believe in cold hard trust and honesty. True human connections are rare these days, but do still happen, thankfully.

I had my spiritual awakening around 7+ years ago. It all started when I began experimenting with psychedelics such as psilocybin and dmt. It went much further than that of course. Was a place that I spent a lot of time back when it first became a thing.

I’m curious to see who all inquires about this opportunity with you. I’m interested in knowing more myself. Either way I’m sure you’ll find what you are looking for now that you’ve asked for it.

Sure, I’ll move it over there now.

hope you find one that suits you well