nailed, therefore shared. superb, ty.

Thanks! :) Appreciate it a bunch. Have a great evening.

Agreed. At a recent protest we (the peaceful No New Normal group) were invaded by the other groups (violent, angry, you know who) they tried both passive and active aggressive moves to destroy our gathering, they even had a agent provocateur among us. They certainly effected our rally but they didn't stop it.

Thanks for posting this article and videos. More need to wake up. Powerful maniacs are trying to take this beautiful world away from us. It's time for all who care to stand up for freedom and liberty.

Sry for the delay, I need to check replies more often. Agreed infiltrators try their best to get everyone agitated to escalate the situation, which equals violence in the streets, good for the narrative on MSM. Yes, more people do indeed need to wake up and smell the BS. Thanks for the comment, much appreciated. :)

I wish I had seen this before now as it is to late to give it an upvote and my two cents. But rest assured your name will be in my Dash on Saturday as winner in my weekly HIVE giveaway.
Great use of the freedom of speech and couldn't agree more with what you've said.
Take care,

Thanks for the prize and mention! :D Submitted my entry to your contest.

I am not apologizing for the color of my skin

OMG ... RayCyst!

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