Splinterlands Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge Gold Foil Chaos Knight in Silver 2

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Back To Splinterlands -Building My Team to Level 2 Summoners

My Goal is leaning towards getting as many cards in 1 BCX GF as I can, but this will be a slow goal. I will get all the epics and legendary in normal that I can as I try to get common and rare cards I use often in GF first. It will be a long road, but it makes sense to me most of the time to buy 1 bcx and not combine it vs trying to buy 14 cards and combine to a level 2.

I am slowly getting a better collection. Adding Gold where I can, and the legendary that I can afford that make the best game play sense. I know many of the older cards are great, but the best return for me right now is to keep improving what I have and avoid the super expensive cards as I grow.

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Weekly Challenge - Chaos Knight

Rarity: COMMON
Element: LIGHT
Attack: MELEE
Abilities: SHIELD
Health: 4
Armor 3
Speed: 3
Attack: 3

Reasons Why I like it
Love Shield when you can reduce your risk to magic. Having nice a nice blend of Shield + Armor + Speed + Attack makes a great combo. While it could use a little more health, its a a solid card and great tank at 6 mana.

Its is really well balanced and if you can use Mother Khala to boost its health by 1 then you are really getting a boost and more value from your tank. I actually bought this card in Gold just for this weekly challenge when I saw I didnt have it. I use it often enough to justify the GF, I love GF in my lineup!

The Matchup



MANA: 18
RULES: Close Range: Ranged attacks may be used in the first position in battles
SPLINTERS: Life, Water, Dragon

Overall Thoughts and Lineup

Decided to it was unlikely to get a lot of magic since most splinters are a little light on good magic in 18 mana. Thought it was more likely to have thorns or shield to deal with.

  • Summoner Mother Khala
    I decided the additional health would be critical in the low mana match and I was unlikely to benefit much from the additional range attack.

  • First position Chaos Knight
    Tanks do what Tanks are going to do. Be first and take some hits. Put it here since it low mana and I felt like I had a good chance to take and deal some damage.

  • Second Position Venari Crystalsmith
    Critical to get some heals since I am only dealing with a base of 4 health, up to 5 from Mother Khala. Having it get healed a few times will really help push to the later rounds. plus it will also have 5 mana, and will heal it self in 1st potion and will deal 1 range damage. Its really a perfect fit.

  • Third Position Cave Slug
    I love my Cave slug, Oppertunity and 3 melee. Sure it is slow, but for a small mana cost I can get a couple of bit hitters in.

  • Fourth Position Soul Fiend
    Pure oppertunity target. I load it up to save my other cards from getting knocked out before they get a turn or two.

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Opponent Lineup & Match Play

Well I was wrong, there sits Djinn Oshannus in first position. Amazing speed, 2 Magic and Shield.. Going to be hard to knock it out, followed by a Deep Luker for a 2nd card. Another big hitter with oppertunity and good speed. I am really worried and almost skipped watching. So glad I didnt.

Round 1

Speed speed speed. Thats right, I will always be going after both their cards go. Djinn is first, dealing 2 to Chaos Knight, dropping it down to 3. So glad I boosted the health by 1!. Then Deep lurker goes and aims right for the oppertunity fodder I set up in Soul Fiend!. Sure it is knocked out, but guess what, I am still fully stocked after the first round, and have enough health to get all my cards to round 3!.

Finally I get a turn and I heal Chaos Knight 2, back up to 5. That means I can stay even for a few rounds and not lose my tank! I get lucky after the heal and my arrow hits taking away the armor. this is followed by more good forturne of Choas Knight connecting and dealing 3 more damage. Last but not least, Cave Slug gets into the action and take out the armor on deep Lurker.

Round 2 - How will the cookie crumble


Repeat of Round 1. Djinn taking 2 from Choas Knight, and Deep Lurker taking 2 armor from Chaos Knight leaving 1 for round 3. As I get into my turn things are starting to look good, assuming I can connect. Venari crystalsmith heals, and then misses its attack. But amazingly both Chaos Knight and Cave Slug hit, dealing 6 damage leaving Djinn with only 2 health. Having both hit, with the speed difference of 3 and 5, was a big luck factor for me!

Round 3 - Close to Victory!


Djinn starts off again dealing 2 magic damage, followed by Deep Lurker taking the last armor from Chaos Knight. In a repeat of round 2, Crystalsmith heals Chaos Knight and missis her attack. My luck appears to have run out and Chaos Knight also adds a miss, but somehow the day is saved by the slowest attack, Cave Slugs blindsides Djinn and knocks it out of the match.!

Round 4 - No Way to lose.


Sure, Deep lurker looks impressive with 4 melee but that pesky Shield for Chaos Knight means it will only take 2 damage from deep Luker... and as we know from the first 4 rounds it will get healed by 2. That means, no matter the misses, I should eventually win before we get into fatigue.

Funny Pat is, there were no misses this round, all hit, and deal exactly 7 damage to deep lurker locking up the win.


The initial board didn't look good, and I felt silly for my line up.. given the speed and magic I felt sure to lose. I think I got lucky with a few of the hits that clearly could have been misses that would have really changed the game. I would be curious to know the epected result if this lineup was run 100 times. I can't quite tell if the line ups are as close as they played or if I should lose the majority of the games.

Take a look and let me know if I happed to have the perfect counter up, of if I got lucky with my hits and likely would lose if run back.