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The Founder Edition NFTs are coming to an end very soon.(November 10th at 5:00PM PST) We have less than 3 days remaining before these sweet NFTs can no longer be acquired by an air drop. They are already exclusive, but imagine in the future when other are scrambling to get their hands on one. We doubt they will go for pennies.
With that being said, don't miss out!
only days to spare before you won't have another chance.

This post will serve as your final warning to get in.

Could you imagine being one of the first players on Splinterlands, or World of Warcraft and getting your hands on all that loot first?
This could be your chance on the next big title.


Follow the links below to all social profiles:

Most importantly don't forget to join us on discord!

If you missed our earlier posts here are some recaps:


Passed it on for visibility, hope it helps!😎

Seems very interesting but I'm having a bit of trouble finding about this stuff. Guess I'll be going through all of these posts. Unfortunate I'll be missing that Founders NFT tho... No way I'll swing 300k in 1.5 days. Congrats to those that do get them.

Getting in very early is a big key to success, I hope more people see this before it passes. One big win like Splinterlands and you can join all the other projects early when they startup.

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That's a wise way of looking at it. I'd love that one big win that would set me up to be involved in supporting multiple projects in a meaningful way.

I saw Splinterlands early, but as a student, I just didn't have the funds available. I managed to get just over 50k LVL as of today, and had I known about it sooner, could have hit the 300k mark. That's why I'm reblogging this to help get the word out.

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Too bad you missed the Splinterlands boat, that airdrop of SPS is killer!

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