Star Dreamers - my new painting

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LIBA 217 WEB.jpg

This painting is based on two dreams I had. In the first dream, I was in the forest at night, flying above the trees, I came to a clearing where there was a glowing star which connected seven octahedrons. (eight sided object) In each one was a beautiful glowing person. The energy felt very sacred.

When I started painting it, I easily connected the outer six octahedrons at the points of the stars but I was confused as how to connect the central figure. I then had another dream where there was one dreamer who dreamt six other dreamers. They encircled her and were connected though a type of liquid gaseous stuff! The six were also dreaming. The dream itself is conscious.

I realized the central character was the most important character so on the suggestion of a friend, I connected all the dreamers through the heart. These lines of connection are mimicked in the above star.

Star Dreamers detailF 1200 px.jpg

I am currently working with sacred symbols and writing a book about one particular symbol (secret for now!) I often dream about variations and expressions of it. The book does not include the dreams, so I share them with you here.

Star Dreamers detailA 1200 px.jpg

Star Dreamers detailc 1200 px.jpg

Thank you for looking. Peace be with us all.

if you want to see more paintings:


Sooooo Mystic!! Approved!! 😁 😁
WoW this kind of stuff is really unique... i'm super happy that you dream about that and are able to share it with your art 😊

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Thanks! :D

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