OCD's Onboarding Program Compilation #27

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Authored by @ybanezkim26

Hello everyone!

This is a compilation post that will serve as a summary and status of the onboarding program. For those who are late to the party, OCD's onboarding program aims to bring more users to Hive and retain those users through the curation of posts submitted by the onboarders.

Anyone who's active in Hive is invited to apply as an OCD onboarder. Please see the details of the application process at the end of this post.

Who Onboarded Who

@starstrings01 onboarded @franciscm


Hi everyone! 😀 I'm Francis - an Artist who is just so obsessed with improving my art and this is my first post🤗.

@readthisplease onboarded @otshotz

My Introduction

My name is Pascal, I'm a few years younger than 30, I'm a fun person, I love humans "those creatures that are slowly destroying their home world in the name of innovation" yeah I love that specie,

I am a Nigerian(one of the funniest countries in the world) by birth I've lived all my life here, traveled to almost every state and will be sharing my story and findings with you guys soon keep in touch, I speak just a few dialects, I hope to travel to other countries someday to explore different cultures and heritage,

@starstrings01 onboarded @raytonix

....Raytonix introduction on hive.......

I am Miracle Nkwor Nzubechi a simple fellow and a native of imo state a member of a family of seven offsprings which am the fifth...

Growing up amongst siblings and pairs was quite fun and challenging as it helped in personal broad developments in various areas...

@amirtheawesome1 onboarded @moealdabbagh

Introducing @moealdabbagh

Hello everyone my name is mohammed al-dabbagh or moe al-dabagh.

I am an Iraqi immigrant who lived his life in Mosul but had to immigrate due to unfortunate circumstances that threatened my and familys life. I remembered Mosul vaguely before actually going back for a quick visit 2 years ago. It used to be one of the most beautiful places with simple giving and loving people all in our neighborhood and extended area where I lived.

@amirtheawesome1 onboarded @farahtheawesome1

Hello everyone, allow me to introduce myself

Welcome to my profile. My name is Farah, I am the sister of @amirtheawesome1. Want to see our picture together?

@dimascastillo onboarded @chacalh

My Introduction on Hive (ENG/ESP)

greetings to all my name is Oswal Hernandez "CHACALSHOW" native of Venezuela with six years of residence in Barcelona Spain, as an actor singer musician and entertainer immigrant, the pandemic has made me face challenges that have put me to the test and the world of online entertainment, we have given many artists the opportunity to provide online concerts and others to make themselves known, from here I want to show, the talent that characterized me as a child and continue with my great dream of taking him to walk around the world thanks to cyberspace, "MY GREAT WORLD ASCENARY". "COME AND MEET ME, I KNOW YOU WILL BE SURPRISED" .

@tpkidkai onboarded @shannybelleza1

A Part of Her Soul

Bullying has always been a part of me. It was as if I was existing to be the center of insulting teases. I grew up thinking being bullied was normal on daily basis. I believed it was okay because they were my friends— or that was what I thought so. I was too naive for my own good that they started to take my innocence for granted. And reaching my first year as a teenager, that's when it slowly sank into my mind that I've been a victim of society's cruelty.


#OnboarderOnboardedActive (30 days)Active Percentage
24former onboarders472553.19%

Please take note that the stats do not reflect the current state of each onboarders as of this time because we are still catching up with this compilation post. The stats will be updated in each compilation post until it becomes up to date with the onboarding initiative.

Onboarder Application

OCD's onboarding program is conceptualized to be a powerful mechanism in attracting and retaining new content creators. Since incentives are given to active onboarders, it could be a nice income generation for those who wanted to focus more in inviting new users to Hive. For more information about this program, please refer to this post.

If you want to be an onboarder, join us in OCD's Discord Server and write your application in #onboarder-application channel. Your application must contain the following:

  1. Your Hive username.
  2. The types of users you will be inviting.
  3. The reason why you want to be part of the onboarding program.

Once you've applied, there will be a vetting process. We will check your on-chain activity to make sure that you can be trusted. Once you're in, you have the capacity to make an invite link using OCD's account creation token, invite anyone you think is a good addition to Hive with a quick and no SMS required account creation, nominate the posts of your invites through a special channel for curation, and get beneficiary rewards both from the users you've invited, posts like these and more benefits in the future!

Be warned that you are responsible for your invites. Meaning, their activity reflects on how you mentor them. Any suspicious activity of your invite can be a ground for your expulsion in the program. Make sure that before they start posting in Hive, you already oriented them on the activities to avoid such as plagiarism.

Be an onboarder now!

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You can vote for @ocd-witness, with HiveSigner or on Hive Witnesses.

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You can delegate to @ocdb for daily liquid hive returns from curation rewards.

Join our Discord channel for more information.


This is a very good initiative ✅ I would love to participate

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

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All aboard! :)

Like my experience while joining the Blockchain, indeed everyone we invite must be really directed so as not to make mistakes in sharing content on Hive and not to commit violations such as plagiarism. Thanks @ocdb