A hint of what's to come...

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NFT Showroom will be getting a nice boost here shortly. We started with the site as a single page application, but we're moving it to site rendered. While we do that we'll add in lazy loading of the front page. That might sound like Jordi LaForge talking Star Trek Bable-

But here are the benefits-

The gallery which currently takes 10-15 seconds to load with a good internet connection should come down to around a 3-5 second loading time and stay there even as new art is gathered for sale. The other thing is that link sharing should automatically attach an image to the share on social media.

This project spreads over social media because all the artists will share there with hopes of attracting customers and collectors. This new change should be really nice and it's scheduled to happen in the next day or two.

Once that's complete we have a notification system and account history planned and we'll roll those out. Nothing better in the art world than getting a notification that one of your pieces sold and getting a chance to talk to the collector and see it off to its new home. So, we're making that a priority on the dev roadmap.

As the market site gets these improvements I/We plan to roll out additional markets. I have a pretty big number of ideas of what these will be. The next iteration will be a photography focused market. So, if you're a photo buff feel free to contact me in discord (http://minnowpond.org).

It'll be very similar to nftshowroom.com, but now you'll be getting strictly photographs instead of other art mediums.


Nice upgrades, this project has a lot of potential especially on Hive.

The biggest pro will be doing away with the monstrous gas fees often found in the ETH nft market.

Hi, I would love to get onboard RE the photography focused equivalent to NFTShowroom. I've sent messages in the discord you've posted. Feel free to respond to this comment too. Thanks!

Music NFTs where the contract for passing over the rights of the song to the buyer is stored on the HIVE blockchain. 😱

This sounds awesome and was just looking for something like this on Twitter with crickets.

I'm contacting you on discord now/soon.

Sounds good. Looking forward to working with you!

a really exciting project and idea. i like it very much.

Photography... awesome!

Photography 😍 this is gonna be huge!

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Esto me encanta.

I love taking pictures - I like where we are going

well this sounds fun

Amazing photography

When do you plan to verify new artists?

I'll be verifying new artists whenever the new frontend rolls out, should be very soon :)

@aggroed - Such Is life ~ Ned Kelly - Any onboarding/referral system for bringing new talent into web3.0?

Really vibing to nfts on hive. Will join up when mobile compatibility is resolved.

good update. I would recommend updating the design of the front page as right now it looks a bit unprofessional and outdated. Check the suggestions channel for mockups from artists to help make it look cooler.
Other than that, it's going quite well, and i look forward to the updates. Thanks!