$RAVEN Holders Drop - HALLOWEEN SPECIAL #2 🎉 Claim now!

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Halloween Drop Pack animated small.gif

Hello again! 😊

How are you doing?

After already giving out the first $RAVEN holders drop, now get ready for the even bigger Halloween drop!! 😄

This is the second Halloween drop for you guys! 🎉

This is a HUGE collection of Halloween NFTs! 😈

This one is a little bit more complex than the previous song drop. So let me explain to you guys.

I´ve met a german designer at the beginning of the year through a german crypto creative group. And I totally love her artstyle. So I asked her if we wanna do something together.
I told her what I was thinking about for Halloween, and already the first picture she showed me blew my mind. She managed to do exactly what I had in mind.

I had alot of bad luck with designers this year and lost alot of money on scams and bad work.

But she is an absolute professional and I loved to work with her!

She didn´t setup her Hive account yet, so please guys, make sure to drop her a follow at her Instagram page.

Please check out Stella Petrakopoulou`s amazing work, and if you ever need anything, you should consider hiring her!

She deserves all the support you guys can give!

Let´s come back to the drop!

This drop contains of 81 different versions of an NFT which means alot to me. I love Halloween and I love art, so I am so happy to have this piece of art of myself.


Now let me explain the NFTs to you.

The NFTs consist of 4 different layers. There are 3 different versions of each layer.
This makes 81 different possible combinations in total.
Each Layer has a Rare, Epic and Legendary version.
The chance to get a Rare layer is 50%, an Epic is 35% and a Legendary is 15%.
Here is an overview of the layers.

Layer 1 – Background

Halloween Mirror – RareClairvoyant Sphere – EpicGraveyard Landscape – Legendary
Background R.jpgBackground E.jpgBackground L.jpg

Layer 2 – Face

Normal - RareDia de los Muertos – EpicVampire – Legendary
Face R.jpgFace E.jpgFace L.jpg

Layer 3 – Necklace

Small Crucifix – RareOrnate Crucifix – EpicBlack Crucifix - Legendary
Necklace R.jpgNecklace E.jpgNecklace L.jpg

Layer 4 – Animal Companion

Owls – RareRavens – EpicBats - Legendary
Animal Companion R.jpgAnimal Companion E.jpgAnimal Companion L.jpg
What do you think? I just love the art!!

🎁❗️And to make it even better, you not only get an awesome NFT. But some of the combinations are backed with prizes!❗️🎁

That means, if you pull a certain combination, you will get a prize from me.
Among the prizes, there are tokens like PIZZA, Starbits, $RAVEN tokens .

Aaaaand the rarest combination, which means all 4 layers Legendary, is the one that fits best to Halloween for me. This is the Ultimate NFT. And this one is backed with a special prize. An unreleased Halloween song of me, which you will get minted as an NFT! 🎉


If the NFT you pull out of the pack is eligeble for a prize, you can see this in the NFT description. Please come to my Discord to claim your prize then!

🔥There is even more! - Blending

At a later stage, you can even blend NFTs into the Ultimate NFT. So e.g. if you have 4 NFTs with one Legendary layer each, you can blend into the Ultimate NFT. Blending will go live soon.
So keep your NFTs to be able to blend! 😃

I really hope you like this drop as much as I do!
Now have fun collecting guys! 💜

▶️Here are the drop links◀️

These drop will not be for free (except for my DIAMOND holders). Because the artist put alot of work into it, and I want to reward and appreciate great art.

💎If you are a DIAMOND $RAVEN holder, you will get one pack for free.

Please claim your drop here: https://neftyblocks.com/c/reignofraven/drops/141963

-- You have 1 week to claim your drop! --

💿If you are a PLATINUM $RAVEN holder, you will get one pack for a reduced price.

Please claim your drop here: https://neftyblocks.com/c/reignofraven/drops/141964

-- You have 1 week to claim your drop! --

📀If you are a GOLD $RAVEN holder, you will get one pack for a reduced price.

Please claim your drop here: https://neftyblocks.com/c/reignofraven/drops/141965

-- You have 1 week to claim your drop! --

If you don´t have $RAVEN coin yet, you can just buy the packs here:


Do you want to become a $RAVEN holder to get the next NFT and song drops?
Then you can buy $RAVEN here. 😊
Please read about my token here, before you consider buying it.


If you have any problems with claiming or buying the packs, please let me know in my Discord!

Ok guys, I will now leave you to open your packs!! 🎉

Let me know what you think about this drop. I really hope you like it!

I wish you a great day! 💜

Best regards,


I still need the wax wallet addresses of the following people for the next drop:
@pizzaexpress @polarmystro @alic3wund3rl4nd @taskmaster4450 @hive-183741 @tfranzini @tokenizedsociety @synergized
You can either submit the address in my Discord server, or send an email to raven@twinsoulrecords.de. Thank you guys! 😊

Raven Divider2.png

I am very thankful for everyone who supports me on my journey!!

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These are some really good tracks. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you! =) !PIZZA

The pack design is awesome

Yes she did a great job!! =) Thank you! !PIZZA

Awesome stuff! Claimed the free one and then paid the discounted prices on the second one. These are beauties!

Thanks @ravenmus1c


Thank you so much!! =) Happy you like them! !PIZZA

I really !LUV how they made your image! err I hoping I can do the say! but this is all inspiring! 🙂✨ !PIZZA


Stay Awesome! Let's Be LEGENDARY!

Thank you!! =) I love it too! Happy that it´s inspiring to you. <3 !PIZZA

🍕 PIZZA Party!

I gifted $PIZZA slices here:
@ravenmus1c(1/20) tipped @sensiblecast (x1)
ravenmus1c tipped rcaine (x1)
ravenmus1c tipped gwajnberg (x1)
ravenmus1c tipped jimmy.adames (x1)
successchar tipped ravenmus1c (x3)
gwajnberg tipped ravenmus1c (x1)
sensiblecast tipped ravenmus1c (x1)

Please vote for pizza.witness!

Awesome!! Thanks!!

I got my pack but don't know how to open it. They don't make it easy.


Thanks for getting your pack. :) Oh yes I know it´s not easy. Sorry. :/ I wish I could make all this on Hive, but we don´t have the right functions here yet.
Please go to this link, make sure you are logged in and then you should see your pack(s) and can open them. https://neftyblocks.com/c/reignofraven/packs
Let me know if you need any more help. :)

Thanks for the quick response! You're Awesome!

I did get it opened and I got #4 and I love it! These arevery nice. Will there be the option to some of these later. I would like to collect a few of them if I can.


Happy to be able to help!
Awesome that you like it! There are 81 different ones. There is an option to just buy packs here: https://neftyblocks.com/c/reignofraven/drops/141966 Watch out for special discounts on special days. ;)
And I am sure it will also be possible later to switch cards with someone else, who has doubles. In my discord, there is a #trading-hall channel, so I guess this would be the best way to trade.
And I am sure, some people will put theirs to the secondary market, so you can buy there. But I won´t put up the NFTs for sale, only the packs. Sorry.

Thanks! I will be buying more packs. I would like to get all 81, but we'll see!


Haha that would be nice! They are on discount for the end of the day!!