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Opensea just came with a cool new option that makes uploading digital stuff more easy.
With a small bunch of virtual assets I'd like to complement a text-based story. The story takes place in the future, where everything is destroyed and only a handful of people have to safe the world that was once known to man.

Some info about the project;

In 100 years from now, a set of major disasters and all-out war wiped out 90% of earths population and most of their physical belongings. Mainly digitized crafts remained untouched.

To preserve and protect the earth, an off-the-grid group of survivalists promised theirselves to rebuild the world once known to man. But to rebuild, they must understand the human mind that once ruled the earth. Their task is to navigate through the depths of a nearby desolated pre-war bunker and find the one working computer. Solely to decipher an old digitized human brain that was found on a well-hidden disk. One of the relics that defied the destructive forces.

As ancient Egyptians, the group crafted virtual hieroglyphs for every crucial moment they made during their journey. A set of their crafted virtual hieroglyphs were streamed back to 2021.

STAIRWAY: the first virtual hieroglyph:

STAIRWAY is the very first virtual hieroglyph that was streamed back from the future.

During the pursuit to decipher the human mind, the group of survivalists entered the pre-war bunker. As they descend for hours into the depths of this desolated building, they finally realized the stairs weren't taken them anywhere..

Stairway, a virtual hieroglyph

The collection can be viewed over here

Some #HIVE insider information:
The group of survivalists, named "CRYPTOSH", eventually found their way through the never-ending stairway by simply jumping off the damned thing. However, the movement of the stairway made it nearly impossible to arrive at the same place.. did the group survive?


That loop looks seamless. Wanna be friends?