It's about time! F--k Monsanto! Thank you for sharing.

Every state and city and foreign jurisdiction should do the same and they should spend every dime of the settlements cleaning up this mess.

At long last sounds so good and I hope it's not just a one time of

Just scary...once again

Monstanto is evil and I hope the company gets hit hard by this. They are crooks and liars. They have done more damage to the world than almost any other company. From this particular article, it is clear that internal company documents exist which show Monsanto knew PCBs were killing fish and wildlife, contaminating the human food supply, and they ADMITTED that profits were more important. Unbelievable.


I think it's spelled: Mon-Satan. ;)

Actually, it's Mon-Santo-Claus, promising to deliver great things and turning out to be phony.

Haha Santo Claus!

I still can't believe what they did/do to all of those small farmers. I guess when you can afford the best lawyers, you can do whatever the hell you want. It's infuriating.

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Cant they on the basis of that law sue the fracking, oil, coal companies as well?

Sounds good to me.