4070% Increase in Miscarriage & Stillbirths. Nothing to See Here!

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This data is pulled from https://vaers.hhs.gov/ which is a government site to track adverse effects from the bullshit mRNA gene therapy they are peddling to everyone as vaccines.. So fucked up.


This is fake news

it is because of global warming/climate change/variants/bad diet/cow farts and too much carbon running around dressed like humans...

.... yeah

This spike is undeniable and very, very correlated with the VAXXX.
But, the immediately say, correlation is not causation.

The general population is not dumb (of course most are stupid) so soon, this is going to come home to roost. Doctors and nurses who gave the shot will be in great danger from those who have not long to live.

The CEOs of Fizer and Maderna and others will be hung, no matter where they go in the world. Maybe if they got down on their knees and begged forgiveness right now they could avoid this.


I was about to be like "what the fuck are you on about?" then I realized you were being facetious.. Well played!

Yeah, the numbers are pointing towards some serious fuckery.. :/

This is such a crime!😡
It grieves me and makes me angry. My latest poem is about it.
Thanks for helping to raise awareness.



Yep. This whole covid and mRNA gene therapy trojan horse might turn out being the largest genocide in our history..

It maybe already is :(

You might be right.


Not sure about fine.. Everything is FUCKED XD


Situation Normal.... All Fucked Up

has 'nam flashbacks

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