The Sandman is just so gay...

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Yet so good!

I resumed watching The Sandman today, currently am at episode 8, so just more two to go!

The series just gets better and better after each episode and I must say I love it. With the exception of the episode in hell (no spoilers sorry) in which I expected something... let's say more... it's a really good watch.

Especially episode 6 was just so epic!

Now, as a mentioned on my first post about the series, it id based on a DC comic and I have no idea how true it stays on the cannon plot. And I have no idea how gay the comic is. If any.

All I know is the Netflix show is gay. Like totally gay. Like almost every single character, important or not, turns out to be gay. And the ones that aren't, will probably end up being gay by the last two episodes I have yet to watch. Heck, I bet even the fucking gargoyle and the fucking crow will end up in some weird gay zoophilia gay by the series finale 😂😂😂😂

It's a pity for such a good series, that creates all these emotions and makes you contemplate about deeper stuff and shit, to force so much gay wokeness. Or maybe there's a deeper meaning, like how without inhibitions everybody would be gay? Or maybe I am gay?

Dunno, it's just feels so silly. Literally 90% off the people are gay. I bet even gay people will think the gayness is ridiculous.

And yet, all these gender politics fails to take away much of the show's true magic.

Fucking Netflix! Why are you gay?


εσυ δηλαδη περιμενες κατι διαφορετικο απο τη νετφλιξ??? η νετφλιξ αδερφε ειναι σε θεση να κανει ντοκυμαντερ για γοριλες και να βαλει κανα δυο αρσενικους να καμωνονται μεταξυ τους μονο και μονο για να εχει αδερφιστικη σκηνη μεσα....οχι οτι εχω τιποτα με τα χαρουμενα παιδια δηλαδη,νταξει ετσι τους αρεσει ετσι κανουν...τα καρναβαλια της νετφλιξ κοροιδευω που πηγαινουν να μας γυρισουν τον κοσμο αναποδα


Another one of Trumpman's reviews! Yours are always pretty unique. I didn't even hear of this show until I read your article. Now, I can't stop watching it. It's a pretty good show.

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Yeah! Still have the last ep to go. I really like it, pity it's just so gay 😂

Yeah. Like I said, I didn't start watching the series until I read your article. It's definitely a good show. I still couldn't stop watching it, but I did mention to myself that there certainly was a lot of gay. Meh. I can't wait for the second season if it's even coming out. Do you know if it is?

people will get tired of everything being gay and will move on to the next trendy crap

Shut up bigot

wen old gays become a thing?

Like some 1800 guys that are kings, gay and trans.

Like a "game of thrones", in super gay.


Like almost every single character, important or not, turns out to be gay.

Wow. This is really sad.

I saw an influencer on Instagram complaining about how a 2vyea old girl asked if she was a girl and if it's true that she could be a boy.

The whole LGBTQ thing is something I don't get but movies trying to depict the gay thingy to a high level doesn't cut it for me

I like the excitement you have for the movie but maybe I'll pass

I am sure all this gay over portrayal is annoying even for gays 😂

I don't think so but anything in excess can be irritating.

Or maybe there's a deeper meaning, like how without inhibitions everybody would be gay? Or maybe I am gay?

Haahahha! Made me laugh, thanks! Haven't watched this one, might give it a shot! Sounds like fun!

Its gay but in a good way. I'll give it that!

Gay is the new black.

And I expect someone is trans in the last 2 episodes. Maybe the main character?

I mean that sounds pretty good, I would watch it.

Watched the first episode and sleep in :D


He is handsomeee, I'm watching The Sandman too. I am at 4th episode.

I mean I get the whole diversity thing but it's on every fcking show on this platform now. It's so obvious that they are trying so hard. I guess Netflix should chill a little bit

Straight will soon be the new gay

Saw it on someone’s time lines that all the series on Netflix are filled with gay scenes just like they usually use sex scenes too sell their movies., one needs too join their kids watching various series before they instal what was not installed what’s not in the kid in the kid because he or she thinks I normal because it’s on tv.

That’s really gay…..🤣

Super gay!

I still to watch the Sandman. Once I see the first episode I know if it's good. I do the like more action type !

Gay as it may be, it's good.

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Title should be like "Netflix is so Gay"

They're really pushing so hard in every single series but ain't happening anything because "They're so gay".

Me: Why are you gay?,