Senstless Family Road Trip Day 3 - More Exploration, Butterfly Conservatory, Helicopter Tour, 7.5 Mile Walk!

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Did you Say Sunrise

Staying true to our tradition, on vacation, we see the sunrise... Your paying for it, so you might as well see it!!!

Yes it was "stylized" by google photos, but it looks amazing!!!


Here is progression unedited





Just think, how many slept through that view. You only get so many sunrises in your life, don't miss them!!!

All the Tourist Stuff!!!

Niagara Helicopters Tour.
When at first Mrs. Senstless said she wanted to do one, I was a little hesitant. While I am fine with flying, part of me likes something that GLIDES back to earth... but the bucket list is therre for a reason

They didn't take reservations, since it all depends on weather, wind, visibility, etc. We just tried to show up as soon as they opened and we were the 2nd or 3rd ride. It was probably one of my favorite activates, and can totally understand why its such and attraction. It was a blast, and gave some really great views of the area and the falls!!!





After getting views like this, I will probably be doing more helicopter tours, they would be a great way to explore some places we visit that have so much natural beauty.

Butterfly Conservatory

This was included in our Wonder Passes we bought to get into many of the attractions. While at fist I didn't think we would go since it was pretty far from our hotel, it was actually pretty close to the Helicopters, and my youngest was actually really excited to go! After the rush of th Helicopter it was nice to slow it down and walk around the butterflies. They were just loose in the conservatory, and they can and will land on you. Not to mention it was like 85 degrees and humid in there. A nice break from the cold and the wind/snow.






The Long Walk

Since most of our stuff was done early in the morning, we decided to take the kids on a walk we did 2 years ago when we were there. Its a great walk along the river, and honestly there are very few people who walk past the falls. Its crazy that I bet we only 4 people once we got past the power station. Its a pretty decent walk, in total one way its 3.6 miles one way and gets away from the crowds. The total walk is just about 7.5 miles. Given the rest of the walking we did that we easily crossed 15 miles, my wife said it was closer to 18 miles.


Early Dinner at Table Rock House Restaurant

We decided to eat an early dinner at the Table Rock House Restaurant - It has amazing views and we hit it at the right time to get a window front view. We also had amazing service, and the food was good too. It was a short walk back to hotel room, and and end of the day. Check out these views we had for an hour while eating some good eat!



Niagara Falls Incline Railway

We also had unlimited two day use of the Incline Railway. While it was not working the first day, that was fine, we rode it several times the next day just for fun!. It was nice to skip walking that hill a few times given we were already pretty tired. Here is what the view looks like from the start.


Vacation Stats

Day 1 Drive to Niagara Falls!!! 810 Miles
Day 2 Walk 10-12 Miles exploring. Hersey Store, Behind the Falls Tour, Skylon Tower, SkyWheel, Lots of looking at the falls!!!
Day 3 More Exploration, Butterfly, Helicopter, 7.5 Mile Walk and More great views]



You really should @pinmapple this!

A vacation day jam packed with activity. I love it! Butterfly houses always freak me out. At first I am like, oh hey this is cool. Pretty butterfly. Then the minute some mothra tries to land on me I am out! 😄

Thanks for the tip !LUV !PIZZA.

I never knew anyone over the age of 2 scared of butterflies, interesting. Guess I know what to send you for Halloween next year!!! untitled.gif

Nasty bugs just trying to look cute and innocent cause they have colorful wings…. 😒 They are fine as long as they keep their distance!

Ha ha and who wants to be the person who freaks out in a butterfly house and accidentally kills one with all the flailing? 😄

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Great trip @senstless! And I dig your driving rules 😁👍 keep on truckin’ amigo

Thanks @thedamus! We drive hard, but no need to waste time (days) on the road!. All the fun happens when you get out and explore! Hopefully I can make it back up your way again soon. There are talks about a trip to see Redwoods, Oregon, or Colorado. Not sure what the Mrs has up next!

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Thank you so much!!! I have loved checking out the map yesterday, I owe @dfinney
for telling me to look! !LUV !PIZZA


First pinmapple and you pinmappled SO HARD! 😄

That's such a great trip. The sunrise pics are stunning! The butterflies are so beautiful and the waterfall is awesome.

Thanks! I fully admit I am a sucker for sunrise and sunsets. That was also the first time I ever saw butterflies that vibrant. !LUV !PIIZA

Just by seeing these photos I get cold 😅
Nice photos! The butterflies are so beautiful!

It wasn't too bad most days were above freezing at least, but we are used to the cold I guess. I was really impressed with the butterflies, its crazy how vibrant colors can be in nature. !LUV !PIZZA

Looks like a great day, glad I could se the aerial photos because there is no way you would ever catch me in a helicopter on my on accord. You'd have to B.A. Baracas me to get me on...


Come on dude - it was actually way more fun than I thought. Dude took off and treated it like a race course, Big banks, and all power!!

You would !LUV it... !PIZZA

Cool! I wish I can experience that, too! Lovely photos. <3

Thanks you! It was a great day for sure. I know, no matter how much we travel will never see everything we want too. There is too much to see, and too little time and money. Hope your travels continue well!! !LUV !PIZZA