[[There is no Vaccine for Homelessness]] // Quick Update Getting Real about my Life πŸ“†

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I've touched on this in previous scribbles but I don't think I've been so blunt to admit that this has been my lifestyle the majority of my time on HIVE. My hiatus of the past year is completely due to the fact that I am Homeless...

If it wasn't for the Bylaws in this town making Homelessness a crime, it would actually be a breeze. Survival skills are something my abusive ex taught me and I've had to put them to good use these past years let me say.

The town I previously resided in was not this harsh - you could put a tent up and leave it up for weeks while no one would bat an eyelash, no one would look at you any differently while walking through town, there is no permanent marker scrawled across your forehead reading "HOMELESS" donned with neon lights.

You can not even sleep anywhere in public, even if it's public land, it's the stupidest thing - "Unauthorized use of public land" is a common ticket given for various reasons, such as: pulling a wagon of our belongings behind our bikes and heaven forbid we stop to take a break somewhere, closing our eyes in a public place, setting up any sort of structure which would act as a sun shade or wind block.. shelter from the elements..

All of that is illegal. 😫

There is only ONE homeless shelter for the entire city of Grande Prairie and the homeless population is large, almost it's own demographic, and we are often forgotten about and treated like scum. Once you are the lowest of the low here the people do not help you out so I've had to find a way to shine on my own and it's been a struggle.

No One Is Immune To This Curse ...

My parents are high school sweethearts, I am an only child who's never wanted for anything.. Not a spoiled rich kid by any means but growing up, a homeless person was the stereotypical old guy living in a box and holding out his tin can hoping for a dime or someone to even just give you some (the) time.. My family never spoke of them much and tended to walk around them almost like they were a plague to be ignored.
"Don't make eye contact" my mother would say...
She never gave them her change either...

One thing I wish people understood is that no one is immune to this heartbreaking curse, no matter your upbringing, where you are from or what you've done, it can all be taken away by the end of the day.
Literally happens overnight.

"It can all be taken away by the end of the day."

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What Have I done? Will I Overcome?

I wasn't paying much attention to crypto for the past year, but was pleasantly surprised to enter the backup phrase to my wallet and find my ETH nearly tripled in value. Went from owning pennies worth to something feasible and sell-able.

I convert my HIVE to other crypto using blocktrades, and then sell mostly using E-transfers on LocalCryptos..
Passively I earn about $20 every other week from HIVE and Hive Engine tokens, not bad when it's all profit though πŸ’°

This is what I need to start doing on a regular basis again, build my audience and support and give the enthusiasm back out to all of you again too!

Shoutout to my #neoxian fam!


I hope I haven't bored you all too much, and if any of you guys want to know the exact steps I use to convert HIVE into FIAT currency quick and easily,without KYC let me know and I'll make a post dedicated to it and other tools I use to make our beloved digital currencies a useful part of our lives.

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