Bravo Ned. It seems as though you may have driven EOSIO,

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one of the more significant sources of quality content & engagement, from Steem & Steemit. If that is the case, how incredibly short sighted of you.

Perhaps Block One requires a more mature platform and Medium can provide that. Well that is one less reason for me to come here. I'm sure that's no great shakes for you, it saddens me greatly.

I was beginning to rebuild a stake in Steem in order to power back up, but I've changed my mind.

Happy Steeming


hmmm, time to stop and reconsider future steps ? So sad, in any case

Consideration at this point would be a prudent reaction.

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Good eos!

good job man......tnx for sharing....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Steeming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It saddens me too. Maybe what you said is the reason, they need more mature audience, who crave for information and discussion rather than for attention and trend.

There are likely to be many reasons for the decision. There can be no doubt that it diminishes Steem and Steemit however.

I was left wondering WTF when I read eosio's post earlier. And I came the a similar conclusion about medium's place in the market, and it's audience compared to steemit. Still doesn't sit well with me though

It's a great shame and will have consequences. It is my belief that Block One have made the right decision in the face of Ned's behaviour here. By being here they were supporting Steem, if that support was not welcome, so be it. It won't be long before other social media dapps are launched on EOS I don't think.

Applauds ...

Awfully unprofessional behavior to feud with "competitors" with $6000 self-votes on a public block-chain.

I agree, but in many ways, viewing EOS as a competitor doesn't make sense to me. There were, perhaps there still are, ways to manage the relationship between projects/communities, how they evolve and the utility they provide. Maybe I'm just monumentally naive. How things are presently panning out are up there with my worst case scenarios sadly.

Yeah, I agree with you on this. Instead of just viewing EOS as a threat he should have been more focused on building a better relationship. I feel like the projects of Graphene based chains should be focussed on how they can grow communities together not apart

I couldn't agree more.

Well, this step was long due because Ned was seeing everything about EOS and Dan as competition and potential danger. Instead of doing his job, to make Steemit better and do some marketing/PR, he decided to take the path of envy - which of course is leaving you always in the weaker position. Yeah, Steemit Inc is doing many things wrong, basically because they are doing nothing at all. That being said, I still believe in STEEM because I don´t think, that Ned will be able to destroy it. The blockchain and the community will be stronger than any incompetence of the current team, that is only proving the power of decentralization through its total failure.

I wish I had your optimism, i really do. I think, given their massive stake and influence, these leadership and competency issues are extremely problematic.

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