Day Trip from Krakow: Ojców National Park

in #nature8 months ago (edited)

Hey guys, today I would like to share with you some photos that I took in the Ojcow National Park in Poland.

The park is the smallest one of all Polish national parks but it still has a lot to offer. It´s located just a short drive from Krakow and you can easily get there by a car or even a bus that stops in a nearby village from where you can walk to the park.

Unfortunately, we didn´t have a good weather when we were in the park, it was mostly cloudy and very windy so the photos didn´t turn out well but I think in summer when the vegetation is green and the sun is shining, it´s a really beautiful place. It has an extraordinary biodiversity, you can find over 1000 species of plants and more than 130 species of birds.

We hiked on several different trails, leading through the valley and also high up on the big rocks where are many nice viewpoints with great views of the park.
There are also a few places where you can buy some snacks, drinks and coffee so you don´t need to bring your own food but it can come in handy.

So that´s it for some little background info and now let me show you the photos 😉 Enjoy.









Krásné místo jsme si vybrali na oslavu výročí :*

@tipu curate

Až tak? Vlastně nevím kdy, ale i tak gratuluju ;)

Nechtěli jsme říkat kdy přesně ani kolik přesně, ale bylo to značně kulaté ;) Děkujeme!

Ojcow je fajn, brzy udělám vlastní post, já tam fotil o dost víc :)

Opravdu nádherné místo. A kousek od Krakowa říkáš, jo?
Tak až se tam zase někdy vydáme, abych věděl kam se podívat ;)

Ano, krásné miesto, určite stojí za návštevu;)

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