Fascinating Finds in the Garden

in #nature4 months ago

When you live on a farm, every day is an adventure, and when you just pay attention, you can find the most fascinating things.

Today while I was walking out in the gardens, I found the first agate snail wandering around the garden.


Despite their intimidating size, these creatures do very little damage to the garden, and unlike other places where this giant has become an invasive species, here their population remains in check due to natural predation.


While there, I also discovered that the grapevine that I have been nurturing for the past 8 years has finally decided to make some grapes. This might not sound like anything special, but grapes are one of the most unlikely fruits to grow in this part of Africa. The mere fact that it survived as long as it did is a miracle in itself.

I would hardly call this a fruitful harvest, but it did leave me with a strange sense of accomplishment.


Another thing that I got pretty excited about was seeing that one of my luffa gourds managed to survive the arid conditions against all odds. It even managed to produce its first luffa. I harvested the gourd, removed the outer casing, and thereafter all the seeds on the inside, and what I was left with was one of the smallest luffas I have ever seen.

A small victory but a victory nonetheless.


And then, of course, seeing the first Accasia blossom appearing as the African bushveld spring to life with the first promise of the rains is always a welcoming site. It is always such a sign of hope when the dry bushveld recovers after the dry winter as it iterates the saying 'This too shall pass'; Doesn't matter how bad things look in the moment, there is always hope for change.


Never thought I'd see a snail the size of a luffa

Even if it's a small luffa, that's a big snail!😂

Ha, I wouldn't mind bigger luffas and smaller snails next year 😅

May your 2024 be filled with diminishing snails and expanding luffas! 😄

My grape vine produced grapes this past year as well! I was thrilled. I felt like a giddy young boy again. The ironic part is that I had given up on it and quit even trying. Hah. It had the last laugh, for sure.

Haha, just goes to show that our plans and those of nature are not always aligned :D
but good things are worth the wait I guess - At least it better be good or I am turning that vine into firewood!