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I'm very excited to see so many unofficial community "country accounts" popping up. Hive Venezuela, Hive Pakistan, Hive Indonesia - This is amazing to see.

Shout out to @themanualbot for making Hive logos per country! https://hive.blog/hive-174578/@themanualbot/find-your-country-hive-logos-per-country-up-for-grabs-suggest-for-additional

I believe the fastest way to mass adoption is one community at a time. What faster way to onboard communities than to onboard entire countries?

The great thing about having unofficial community twitter accounts that promote a Hive community for that country is it's very easy for newcomers to join. Join a community from your country, speaks the same language, have similar interest and makes local meetups much easier to coordinate.

Hive is decentralized, you, me, that Hiver over there, we all own this place. Our tiny stakes (compared to the whole honey pot) gives us our permissionless access to everything Hive has to offer. You don't need permission to create a community, we must take ownership of what is ours and take responsibility to make sure others benefit.

Look around the comments/Hive/Twitter for your countries Hive community, first. If after looking around and your country does not currently have a Hive community, create one. If your country does not have a community Twitter account, create one.
Twitter community country account examples: https://twitter.com/hive_blogvzla - https://twitter.com/IndonesiaHive -https://twitter.com/HiveCoinPk - https://twitter.com/HiveUa

Hive community country examples: https://peakd.com/c/hive-140842/created https://hive.blog/trending/hive-186377

This initiative will be introducing yourself to your community challenge. This isn't just a, "Hi, my name is Dan and I like poker" type of intro, but also include what it is you like about your country. Do you like the food? The people? Any cool places to go? Not only introduce yourself but also feel free to tell people what you like to do in your country.

If you already have a country-specific Hive community + twitter account combo, please post them below for a visibility upvote.


  • Write a introduce yourself post to the country-specific community you live and share your Hive post to Twitter.
  • In your tweet, tag your country-specific community Twitter account and use the hashtags #Hive and your country IE #venezuela.
  • Use the tag #mycountry + your countries (IE #pakistan) tag on Hive and put your tweet link at the bottom of your intro post.

Up to ten (or more) intro posts (shared on Twitter) will be rewarded with 100% upvotes. Even if your intro post isn't in the top 10, upvotes will be given in lesser amounts to active participants.

Earn extra rewards by making a video intro because @threespeak will be curating videos for this initiative as well!

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Thank you for the shoutout @theycallmedan!
We also set up a new Filipino Community in the chain together with the new account, @hiveph that will help to support Filipino authors and probably will make an exclusive twitter account soon. We are taking steps one at a time.

Would it be acceptable to make some official announcements from the community account for this initiative? :D

I love this initiative, I love my country and their presence hear makes me proud, of course I'll create an amazing post about it.


do you use crypto on a monthly basis to purchase goods or services?

Sometimes, I usually make crypto to invest in some projects.

Hola esta bello esa imagen me la prestas?

Hola, esa imagen es de libre uso jajaja, incluso se menciona el post de dónde la saqué.

Ah si no me di cuenta pero la usare gracias....

I’m running the Language Exchange community and discord in hopes of onboarding more people who want to do language and culture exchange but also to connect these different local communities through more bilingual posts.

I also hope that onboarding users interested in language exchange will help to grow these local communities.

I would love to do some kind of collaboration with you @theycallmedan, I think our initiative could onboard hundreds of new Hivesters.

The Indonesian, Indian, Spanish, and Japanese community are already starting to get involved

Here's a link to the Nigerian Hive Community's Twitter account

Here's a link to our little growing community with 46 subscribers


You all are welcome to join the Canadian community here

It's called "We Are Canadian, Eh!" and there is a badge which will show up on your profile when I am aware you've joined the community and follow you

good idea to see what nations we have here in mayority right now

@theycallmedan I love this initiative. Thanks so much for bringing this up.

For my Nigeria brothers. Nigeria Twitter account.

Check out Hive Naija (@HiveNaija): https://twitter.com/HiveNaija?s=09

An initiative that undoubtedly fills us with pride because there are many of us, for example, from my country, who contribute to this wonderful beehive. Thank you for always taking care of the collective growth, dear Dan. From already pending to participate. I leave you a big hug from my beloved Venezuela. @theycallmedan

A little bit of my Venezuela for you, @theycallmedan

Source: The photo is my property.

@iliyan90 check it out :P

Thanks ;) има много варианти много хора подкрепя развиването...

Мерси много @roflie

@roflie виж сега това тука остава с мене и тебе частен канал в който може да генерираме пари един за друг без никой друг да знае само като комуникираме ама понеже в момента създаваме много малко не може да се забележи почти но е доста все пак и ще порастне с активност малко ;)

This is an amazing initiative! Greetings from Hive PH! 😊

Here's our introduction post, We are Hive PH

Here is our Hive PH Twitter account:

We also have a Facebook Page:

yeah i love the dynamics

There are some good initiatives coming up now. I will be getting a community started with a twitter account for travelers or nomads when I get started in this next month if everything works out as I have planned.

I am hoping to get some more nomads and travelers posting on Hive. Hopefully, some solar installers and such. It will be a great thing. It will take some time and showing them what Hive is and getting them to start with using the blockchain.

Would love to collaborate somehow, I'm running the Language and culture exchange community. I think your community and mine are the two bridges between English speakers and other language speakers at hive

Hey @ambiguity, there is an active travel community on Hive already. Many of them pin their travel post on @pinmapple, a travel map which can display all your Hive post. Just so you know what it looks like, here's mine which I've been building up for three years https://www.pinmapple.com/@livinguktaiwan.

We curate everyday and are supported by theycallmedan, so this would be perfect for all nomads and travellers. You can find out more about it on https://pinmapple.com/

Thanks! I will look into this!
It will be a useful tool I believe.

Another very good initiative, @theycallmedan.

However, this time I think I won't participate because here in Brazil, the visibility of Hive is something very close to zero. Unfortunately, there are only me and a few other Brazilians here (active users) in this ecosystem.

The most disappointing is: Brazil is a country with just over 210 million people and 99.99% of them have no idea what this place is about.

Even if you are the only one on Hive in Brazil. Kindly participate and represent your country.

Yes, I am still considering the idea of ​​participating.

That's all the more reason to do it. If nobody does it, no one will ever know about Hive.

Yeah... I know that. I think I'm just a little frustrated with the almost non-existent participation of Brazilians here, haha!

Everybody has a different story, some people are too busy, a lot of people don’t know about it and a lot of people probably feel like you and give up too soon

Btw we have a language exchange and culture group, you are welcome. Already have another Brazilian there Info below:

The Language (and culture) Exchange! community was created to popularize language exchange partnership at Hive and to bring more cooperation between Hive members of all languages.

We post bilingual posts for study, show our interest in other cultures and ask questions of locals in order to interact in our target language. We also hope to cooperate between many local communities and language speakers to promote Hive.

We have a discord for language exchange chat too Hive Language and Culture exchange Discord

Yes and within the country-wide communities, there would also be similar interests such as regions or states. The best way to know more a lot of people and help each other so that nobody should get left behind. Thank you for this reminder.

Good morning @theycallmedan. I am speaking on behalf of my country people ( Nigeria) I am going to stand up for us. It is never too late to create the Hive Nigeria as the community name. I will be opening an Hive account on behalf of us. Thank you so much sir. And I will be giving you a huge feedback on how the account is going sir.

There's already a Nigerian Hive community bro. I've invited you a few times on Twitter but you probably didn't notice it.

I also mentioned him in the last post but misspelled his username, he would have seen it.

Oh okay. It is all good. Hopefully we can unite both communities and increase our number

Very optimistic about it.

Hell yah!

I have seen some good nationally-inspired support for groups of good country mates.

Join your country mates and build some good momentum for your region on the best social blockchain!


Buena iniciativa amigo.de verdad me alegra que estén haciendo las comunidades por país..

Awesome 👍 it's always good to bring common mind under one roof. We needed this to make Hive more popular. Though we already have #hiveindia on discord especially made for hive xommunity. Now through initiative we get a chance to increase the visibility and also a chance to make our country proud.......also get to know more of the fellow individuals.

Yepp, a really good chance to increase the visibility.

Great post bro. Here's a link to Hive Naija community


That's really good

That's amazing

Hey @theycallmedan as they say in Venezuela I've been looking for you like a rosemary stick, or what would be the same, I've been looking for you everywhere.

I'm a winter user who just wants to talk to you about some ideas that have to do with the promotion of our HIVE community

Best place to chat with me is here!


@theycallmedan I waited for your interaction, you said this was the best place. Not only did I wait patiently for you, but I fell asleep.

This is our new Nigerian Hive Community with code

use it.jpg

Please Join and let me it a good one.


For Nigerian Twitter Community . We have this


This is a good one! Thanks @mattsanthonyit. I will be participating. Regards


Nice to have a community for Nigerians. Will be checking that out

Wow, this is absolutely a great start and a new beginning for us ( Nigerians on Hive ) good to see more people joining the new Nigerian Hive Community. Love you all 🇳🇬🇳🇬

I think we are having a mix up. We already have a community called hivenaija from the inception of hive. Creating another one would be confusing. We need to speak with a voice pls. No segregation.

When is the deadline for this?

Hi sir @theycallmedan filipino community is popping up also, I 've seen so many Introduction post by my fellw fililipino. Gonna spread this initiative to our Philippine community

It is another very good way to make hive community buzzing with activity @theycallmedan :D

Everyone just need to share this post So as to get lots of visibility. I can't say if my country has created any community yet (Nigeria) here and on twitter. I remember we have an account and a community back then on steemit which is now a old story. I believe I and the rest Nigerians here can do something to that effect. Lots is yet to happen because we will be onborading new members here too.

Good morning my brother


Nigeria Hive community

We've had one running for a while now. Here's a link to the community

Yay nationalism!!! Is there a USofHive?

Youbare always making hive the best @theycallmedan. Thank you for being awesome.

Awesome initiative!! I'm going to share this post further to my very few Romanian Hivers left and see if we can do something for our country on the blockchain :)

Thanks for this great opportunity and Initiative as well. Greetings from Nigeria 🇳🇬

@jaynie will you be repping for HIVE-SA and we follow your lead?

Awesome I will not miss this

While I appreciate everything you do for this platform I think, we need more players to join you to make these community initiatives popular and not go after the Curation rewards alone.

We are incorporating African countries to our community. We hope to create a hub of individual countries. Join us!

Hello Dan, I just want to inform you that our community is focused on supporting people who leave their feedback on our video topic. Many of our people on discord group came from Venezuela, Nigeria, and Bangladesh. You can take a look at what we are doing to grow our community by helping bring more people to #Hive. God bless you, @theycallmedan


Hola @theycallmedan, we set up the Mexican Community on Hive. Thanks for promoting the mass adoption of Hive. Saludos!

Introduceyourself post:

Our Community:


Cool initiative! Fully supporting here at @teamukraine!

Initiative translated and posted into the community - https://peakd.com/hive-165469/@infa/chelenzh-iniciativa-vid-theycallmedan-pri-pidtrimci-infa-ta-teamukraine

Tweet check

Good luck all!

Thanks for this huge opportunity to express ourselves. I am for Nigerian Hive Community.

Hive link


Twitter link

We salute from Venezuela all your efforts to make visible on the web 3.0 our country, in these moments so hard that we live the Venezuelans by the centralization and censorship of the tyranny that oppresses us, are now when friends are needed and Venezuelans consider you one of our dear friend @theycallmedan, best regards and blessings from above.👍

Hi! @jakim7
Is that new community Hive venezuela yours ?
There are many communities of Venezuelans, but I can't find one where I really feel represented.
Oh, you don't have to answer anymore. I already checked.
I'll keep looking.
Maybe I'll make one for those of us who have no homeland.
I'm a lone wolf...

Greetings dear friend, not that community is new to HIVE, I was not its creator, but I feel very comfortable in it since I know the moderators of that community, I must say that they are very committed and passionate about educating the Venezuelan community to empower them in the advantages of web 3. 0 , an additional fact is that this community like many others is sponsored by an important whale co-founder of @3speak and developer of Dapps: his name is @theycallmedan, he is an incredible human being in all the extension of the word and he feels special affection for Venezuela and the Venezuelans, also I consider myself a lone wolf, but in my case it is because I lost my wife 20 days ago as a result of breast cancer after being together 32 years, he receives a strong hug, greetings and blessings...🙂 👍

I love this initiative Dan, in this way we will have the opportunity to meet all the users of the same country.

Saludos desde #venezuela! 🇻🇪

Thanks for this initiative..!

My post

Shared in this tweet

Firma Fermionico 3.png

several communities speaking very different languages have always been the strength of Steemit and not Hive. Sadly not everyone speaks English (universal language) but even if they do... speaking your own language is always nicer. I do say so as I am a foreigner living in UK and therefore I know what I am talking about.

Said so, I am so glad to see what will happen... @thenightflier perhaps will be interested in this project and will be creating an Italian Logo. <3

Keep doing nice initiative @theycallmedan and creating interest in this platform! <3

Ciao @webdeals, @discovery-it is proud to represent Italy 😍
We are planning several new initiatives, starting from our brand new witness

Stay tuned!
Thanks @theycallmedan from Discovery-it community ad our Twitter account

grande @ciuoto! please do it :)

That's a really great initiative

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