MXC Exchange Listed HIVE at 18:00 (UTC+8), Apr 23

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Dear HIVE community:

MXC Exchange listed HIVE on the mainboard at 18:00 (UTC+8), Apr 23.
The deposit service was available and the trading for $HIVE/USDT pair was opened. Welcome to deposit and trade HIVE on MXC Exchange.

Update: 2020/4/24
$HIVE / BTC trading pair will be available at 10:30 (UTC+8), Apr 24.
Welcome to trade.

For more details please refer to the official announcement.
If you have any issue on the Hive trading at MXC feel free to join MXC Community and query the admins.


Welcome to Hive! I'm interested to learn more about your platform, it looks like you offer a lot more interesting things to trade asides from just cryptocurrencies.

Also, Hive/USDT is a really neat pair to start with. It gives us an alternative to the standard Hive/BTC.

Thanks a lot. MXC provides various trading modes including crypto spot, margin trading, derivatives such as perpetual swaps & PoS. Meanwhile, some innovative products like MXC ETFs is leading the market. Welcome to learn about it. Again, we are pleased to join the Hive community and willing to share with you more about our latest news in the future.

This is awesome! I am going to have to look into opening an account with your exchange. The Hive/USDT trading pair is a great step. I just delegated 50 HP to your account because I noticed you were low on resource credits. This should allow you to continue to reply to comments without running out of RC.

Thanks for your support. It will top up us to do more interactions with the community. ; )

Hello MXC Exchange, welcome to Hive! :-)
Thank you for supporting our community!

Honored to support such a nice community

When did anyone deleted coins (except current steem witnesses blocking some account)?

Just because people had STEEM, they were not entitled to HIVE!


Wow! MXC is a top exchange (number 4 by volume on Coinmarketcap and number 3 by adjusted volume). This is a major listing for HIVE.

You should be onthewayin then.

Wow. This is really hive season. That's why everything is sky rocketting

HIVE has really strong community, our honor to support HIVE community development

HIVE is buzzing, loving all the positive sentiment and moves being made! This is what a community project should be like


Can you tell me which wallet addresses are used for deposits and withdrawals? So that I can include MXC Exchange in my daily stats report.

Welcome to the family ❤️

HIVE/USDT .... thats a nice one :)

I totally wasn't expecting that pairing.

Can we know the reason why? And maybe a BTC or ETH pair is what community really wants?

I was pleasantly surprised.

WHOO HOO! Thanks so much for the support, @mxcexchange! I look forward to checking out your exchange!

The BUZZ is real!

Great, was looking for Hive/USDT pair

Great news.... shared with my 11,000 Twitter followers, and over 500,000 in my Offgrid Crypto Facebook Groups .


Awesome news! Signing up now!

Thanks Dan. Saw your twitter event with Huobi for HIVE. Good job. Maybe we can also work together to hold some events and make some contributions to the Hive community. ; )

Wow! Hive is really buzzing right now with all this listings. Welcome to Hive @mxcexchange! HIVE/USDT pair is a nice start.

Why are you downvoting your own post though? 😂

Hello. Welcome.
I can't load your webpage.
Official announcement on zendesk loads good but link with inviteCode doesn't. doesn't load - white page. works works
Multiple domains are confusing. I don't know which one should I chose to use and I don't know if there's a difference using inviteCode or not.

We experienced a DDoS attack these days. Please try backup domain name or io when access failure. And invite code won't be affected by the backup domain names.

That one works. Thank you.

It's nice to have a great token traded at a great exchange (from what I hear).

#hiveisalive this is truly upbringing
to see #hive popping up everywhere

Great news, thanks!

Welcome home @mxcexchange!
Thanks for supporting our amazing community!

Great news :)

Amazing information for us

welcome to Hive

Welcome to Hive @mxcexchange.

This is awesome news and providing HIVE/USDT pair is definitely a plus.
All the best!

Welcome to Hive! Looking forward to hearing more about how things unfold. Long-term it could only be a good thing, having more options, like with that new pair.

Hmm how is your exchange different from bittrex or binance or ionomy?

Amazing, Solid looking exchange.

This is awesome! I did not realize what a huge exchange @mxcexchange is. Great news for the growth of our platform :-)

I just signed up.
With every click I love it more and more.

I am a new member of the Hive community. Does Mxc Exchange support transfer hive tokens from Exchange accounts to hive accounts?