My I DID NOT CONSENT music video campaign is NOW LIVE!


Hello everyone!

It’s Jack and Pho and we are excited to announce that our music video campaign for our song, I DID NOT CONSENT, is NOW LIVE on Indiegogo here:

I DID NOT CONSENT is a rapcore track railing against the government tyranny affecting us all.

It’s LOADED with real-world references ready to pill people on the true nature of the state.

We’re looking to make a hard-hitting music video with a professional film crew in studio.

We need your help to make it to goal so we can get a mainstream-competitive performance.

Our hope is that the quality of the production and the impactful messaging will be shared far and wide to get people engaged with the message of liberty who may not otherwise lend an ear.

We think music is a key tactic as we’ve experienced with making songs like AnCap Grind, Mask Order, and DISOBEY.

So, thank you in advance for your generous support in whatever you can do, whether it’s sharing the campaign to your social media and/or getting yourself an awesome perk!

Your contribution helps push the message of liberty to new heights in today’s culture.

Looking forward to a successful production with your help,
-Jack & Pho

Campaign link: