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RE: Combining modular, 90s rack-mounts and modern synths

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Nice one mate very interesting. We have a rackmount EMU Extreme Lead, from the same era. It has a few of the ROM soundsets, but best of all it is bright yellow. Yummy! There is a lot of menu diving, but once you get in there everything is fairly well structured. We too find it benefits from going through rackmount FX, in this case a Lexicon MPX550.
Great minds eh?



Nice one on the extreme Lead - love the yellow! I always wanted a Mo'Phatt - I mean who wouldn't want something this colour?!!


re: menu diving - I'm pretty sure using any of this old gear isn't sensible - but who wants to make music sensibly?!

Ooo that is sexy! And yes, exactly, sensible music making?
We have the Mo'Phatt ROM in our EMU actually, it has a not unpleasant but not cool old school hip hop vibe.

We are too too alike! Maybe we should do a contest to make a track using E-MU modules?! I thing @quinnertronics in the comments above could be in - he actually has a MoPhatt!

yeah, i really like the proteus line and the variety of sounds you can get, even though they are fairly digital sounding and the filters...don't necessarily sound the best- the random patch generation is amazing!

at one point i had an mp7 command station and i had high hopes for it-but there was something wrong with it and it would make these random glitch noises so i had to get rid of it.

I'm trying to think of what roms i have in them (because i have a bunch of the jv1080 roms too) but i think i have the classical one? the jv is great, its just easier to edit on the proteus' in my opinion.

and yes, I'm down for an e-mu challenge of some sort!

Yeah that sounds like fun, some sort of "digital rackmount sound generators" showdown. Might be a bit unfair though as I also have a Kawai K1r and a Yamaha TG55...

i have a kawai k1 that is circuut bent with a patchbay and a yamaha sy 77, although it needs a new battery

Ah noice; I love the TG55. I expect the SY77 is a step up from that.

its actually quite great! full size keys and multiple faders and whatnot, it was a lot easier to edit then the other yamaha fm i had, im thinking tx802 or something? the one that was a fancier rack dx7- that thing was a pain...but i need to open it up and solder a battery in and its just been sitting there for over a year now, probably

i got it for around u.s. dollars, i think, some years ago- thought it was a steal

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