Stick Up Boys - Rising star weekly update with our favourite card for the week and a little tip!

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We though we would do an update on what we are up to and how we are doing on Rising Star. We love the game so much and it is nice to see the numbers grow and grow. Well done to the team for keeping up with it all @risingstargame

Our progress so far

We are currently in position 23 on the leader board and seem to be a little stuck there. We are going to spend the next week or so doing crafting to increase our unique card count, although getting them gold parts is not easy!

Favourite card for the week

Every week we will highlight our favourite card for the week. This week it is - Pixie! We still do not have one so will be opening packs until we find her! She is not only a great supporter of the game but a lovely person as well! She can be found here - @pixiepost give her a follow and definitely watch some of her video if you get a chance.


The Stick Up Boys tip for the week

This week our tip for newbies is to collect one trype of instrument to increase your skill points to balance out your ego! This is essential to do, we collect piano instruments. You can see which instruments relate to which lesson in the FAQ in the game.

Our NFT records in the game

As musicians one of our favourite things is having our records in the game! You can buy our records as well as stake on them. This is an amazing thing for artists to get more exposure for their music and earn a few starbits. It is also a brilliant way for you to support artists on the blockchain! Here is our record suggestion for this week that you can go and buy now!

Leaving it for you - great song, yes it is pricey but only a few left, so get it now. Once it is gone the price will only go up!


Start Playing

If you have not started playing Rising Star yet then you should as it is a great game and you can earn some crypto too! Here is the link

I would recommend joining the discord, it is a fun place and great for chatting to others about RS here is the link



the Stick Up Boys

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Wow, you put a smile on my face with this post, esp. after a trying morning lol...I see that you did get the card eventually! Yay! Hopefully more players will gain this card to get their share of the Pixie Dust...

I tell you, though, I need to work overtime to keep that dust going....just saying!✨✨😂 Seriously though, thank you for the highlight & the kind words. So glad to have met you & the RS community...🧡

Now, I just need to go on a quest for the Stick Up Boys card...🥰


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@stickupboys, you've been given LUV from @pixiepost.

Check the LUV in your H-E wallet. (1/10)

Was so happy when we found you! You spread lots of good vibes....we love good vibes !PIZZA

@pixiepost is the greatest person on chain! She is the guild mate of @solymi and the @acolytesofhelio
I will start buying packs to pull her out too :)
@solymi please leave Pizza and LUV
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thanks very much! and pixie is the greatest!

I can agree with you about the favorite card of the week! @pixiepost is one of the biggest supporters of the game, and her card inside the game is also great with 300 fans it's almost like an EPIC card!!!

I have picked this post on behalf of the @OurPick project and it will be highlighted in the next post!

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cool stuff a well deserved card indeed and awesome stats! !PIZZA

me gusto mucho la tarjeta PIXIE , se be muy linda , yo siempre he querido saber como Se puede Mintear un NFT en risingStar , me refiero a uno personal asi como el de Pixie y todos los que tu tienes , por que vi tambien que en el juego hay tarjetas con tu logo y personajes ,

saludos y gracias por el consejo de hoy

Hey you can mint your won records for 120k SB! The cards are up to Jux and to do with active members of the community I think! PIZZA

if I have that amount of starbits so I think I can try, thank you explain and thanks for the PIZZA, I wanted to give you one too but I spent them all jajajajaj greetings and happy day

Great update and great tip!

I also really want a @pixiepost card but have yet to find one! 😢

I've not tried crafting in rising star yet - mostly just trying to focus on levelling for now (I should get to level 40 tomorrow to start doing the Record a Demo mission!)


nice I will find a pixie....I would say crafting is later game stuff!

yeah thought so about crafting. Same for music promoter. I tried that once and realised that I'm not ready!

I'm going to beat you to a @pixiepost !!!

Thanks @splinternews
I will leave some !PIZZA and !LUV
I want that Pixie card now!
PLease drop me a line on discord if you have the time Stickupboys

Always !BRO






@stickupboys, you've been given LUV from @solymi.

Check the LUV in your H-E wallet. (1/4)

I have 3 Pixie cards already :) If you are desperate we can do a swap. it's a good card with 200 fans.

I bought a @gribbles yesterday. Can't resist filling gaps in my collection.


awww man you got a gribbles....I want a gribbles.....nice one!

Let's just say I won't be able to run the millionaire mission for a while now...

oh lol well Gribbles is worth it...our next song out is a gribbles collab lol love him

Just got it so happy days! All I need now is a Gribbles

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