100 friends with modulars! Where are these people?! Would love to get to know some more.

And yeah the case system is actually pretty handy - they are made by London Modular and have a bunch of accessories - desk mount, wall mount, folding suitcase style. There's even a gig bag for which I use with my portable case (probably a post coming about that soon!)


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you have a nice looking rig!...yeah unfortunately none on hive...everyone still loves web 2.0 because its the 90s, i guess.

heres an older studio pic-i got in to modular from a pal that sold me a bunch of frac stuff really cheap but started getting into eurorack because the modules are cheaper and more plentiful

and heres a more recent shot of just euro, but a lil blurry (and covered by cables)


good luck wiggling!

Wow, what a crazy setup!
Nice record collection!

Hey - thanks for the pictures of your setup - I love other people's studio and modular pictures!

There's something about the space we work in as musicians - especially I think electronic musicians. We each have a unique setup that works for us in a space - and if you're like me it's constantly evolving,

Looks like you have quite a bit of older gear in there yourself - I can't make out the details of most of the individual pieces - but I can identify an old Akai sampler front right and what I think are a couple of 90s sound modules. Would be very interested in details and how/when you use all this stuff and what your workflow is!

And yes - I did fear that I wouldn't find any other modular people on Hive - but now I have. At least there are 2 of us! Happy patching!

DRUMOPERATOR is probably the best/ fanciest modular user i came across on hive, i know they do streams on twitch or whatever, i would recommend checking them out, although i don't think they post here regularly.

as for 90s modules, i think you had posted about the ultra proteus with the zplane filters, that one looks great, as for 90s type stuff, i have the procussion, mo phatt, and proteus 1000...and a couple of 90s boss drum machines. i record on a tascam 32 track (can do up to 8 tracks at a time) and then mix down on a computer. i have a busted seauential circuits max thats voices are all messed up (got it for free) and some elektron gear. good eye on the akai-an old 3.5 inch disk sampler... this past year i have been trying to get into the mpc live (not pictured) ..which i enjoy very much for its ease and capabilities

Ah cool - thanks for pointing me at drumoperator - now there are 3 :)

So basically your process sounds out of the box/Dawless until the final mixing stage. My setup is currently out of the computer (mostly modular based) for live stuff - but for tracks I use whatever inspires me at the time to start the track and then I get that into Ableton and add soft synths and effects there.

yeah idon't really know anything about ableton or sequencing from a computer...i still edit on audition 3...for better or for worse.

oh - btw how are you integrating the modular into the rest of your hardware setup/tracks?

so, i can sequence the modular through my elektron analog 4, which works great, or i can midi to voltage or gate from the paia fatman. sometimes i patch the modular into the minibrute to add voices ... i havent really gotten into doing midi from the mpc yet

Ah cool nice one - I'm sequencing within the modular for live and though I do have a midi to CV converter I normally just record the audio out of the modular if I want to take it into the computer. I can also sequence my Bass Station Rack from the modular as it has CV.