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Hey! This is the newly formed record label owned by the Stick Up Boys and we wanted to keep you up to date with what was going on the world of the @stickupboys @ambrosechappel and @stickupmusic. As you know the boys keep busy and have lots of friends they like to shout about! You can find out more about us at https://www.stickupmusic.com/

Song of the week

Remember when we were breaking out of the COVID lockdowns and the world was opening up? Well @stickupboys x @ambrosechappel have made sure we never forgot it!
They made the ultimate anthem of enjoyment to get you ready for the weekend (or any day that you choose to hit the town!).

Listen here: https://song.link/s/1aL7GV8Clg5L8cnQmAcHaM

Going out cover.png

Gif of the week

Check out our channel here: https://giphy.com/stickupmusic
Do you like pineapple on your pizza? Let everybody know!

Friend of the week

We love all our friends and this week we want to highlight @elianaicgomes! Lots of great and educational content and she is super friendly, give her a follow & don't forget to drop a !PIZZA.

Post of the week

We loved a lot of posts in the last two weeks but let's shine a light on @paolazun and she gives us an original song featuring Deigo Navanaiz called "Agua de Luz".😁


Take a listen, give her a follow & send her love!

NFT highlight

You can see what we currently have for sale here: https://nftshowroom.com/stickupboys/gallery

They sell out fast so get in quick! Our highlight for the week is "SUB Craving" as we love Hive so much!

craving SUB.jpeg

Playlist suggestion

At Stick Up Music we curate our own playlists but also have songs placed in over 300 different playlists. We thought it would be great to share some of these, just incase you want to discover something new!

Our curated playlist is "Driving in Your Car".
Put your foot down - but not too hard! There's a limit. Stay in control - feel the breeze, purr and just cruise. This is mix of electronic dance to rock music will keep you on the road.

Find it here:

Please listen and follow before submitting at www.stickupmusic.com

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Whats coming up

New music on the horizon! Stay tuned!

do what I want  (1).png

SUM Links

Keep in touch with us wherever you are.


Aw, thank you so much for the highlight, Boys!
Guess I have to catch up on some songs while I'm working!
And, of course, #TeamPineapple!


oh dear...

aw poor StickUpPineapple 🤣😝


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Nice one, better finish mixing that song then.....!PIZZA

Oh boy there it is again, we're going out, we're going out tonight.. we're going out and no one is gonna stop us!!!!


And of course love all the other things of the week as well :)

<3 Official Stick Up Fan!

Nice job, as always boys!

Wow, this is very cool!!! Thank you so much @stickupofficial1 for the support 🤗❤️. Congratulations for your new record label!

A lot of blessings and success for you 🎶🎵

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Your posts are great. They have so much entertainment value. Thanks for sharing on ListNerds.