Choon DELETED several major player accounts on the platform! Catalogs Wiped including collabs - A complete and total fuck you to some of our most dedicated artists.

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Woke up this morning to find that Choon has deleted several accounts and taken back over 25 million  choon notes from artists.  Sited reasons are for bot use and play for play.   

I am shocked to see some of my favorite artists and fellow collaborators removed from the site as well as all the songs worked on with these artists.    No warnings for these folks just a complete pull down.   

Some of these pulled artists are in my opinion some of the hardest working people in blockchain music promotion including heavy promotion for choon.    I am not sure this move was thought through properly at Choon!  

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Fraudulent activity clean up

Bjorn NiclasJul 24

@d-vine is one of the heaviest supporters of Choon and indie artists, the removal of her account from choon has inspired me to cash out my choon notes.      


Thanks for taking this position. and you are absolutely right what you say... I got deleted to. with over 1.5 million NOTES. Supported and promoted the website since May 2018 (thats when it launched). Taking D-Vines account down is even worse. As she is doing sooo much for the website. This was very stupid to do.. And doing all this without a warning, a message in any form.... Very professional.
But seeing who is the new CEO of the company explains it all. As easy as that.

I feel for you guys big time. I feel like my own accounts been deleted I understand how much you guys have worked for this and with D-Vine I just wow I cant damn well believe it, after all she has done for the site. I am gonna push for reactivation and re-examination. We won't be quiet this end you guys deserve better. In the middle of a long direct message to Choon through email now.

You know I just want my Notes. Cause it`s money I earned with alot of work.. And then they can go to hell.

Thanks alot for your massive support! <3 Dont know what to say.

Wow B, thank you so much for the love & support! <3
Gigantic huggins coming your way <3

Not a blockchain then... Someone should make this on steem-engine in a way where their shit can't be stolen.

I am looking into integrating the Soundac blockchain into We already launched the ATOM token on Steem-Engine, which can be earned for streaming other platforms via our website.

The main thing holding me back in the past was the copyright can of worms but Soundac handle that so it may be a viable solution.

We have asked Choon to respond urgently to a series of questions. If you are affected by this please comment at the bottom of this article so we can gage the extend of this issue. Thanks. BMN

I'm not surprised.
I think crypto sites in general are going to continue to struggle as long as the economy and the dollar appear strong.
Choon has seemed a bit shaky to me for a while now.
I'd cash out but I'm not sure of the process.
I also realized for all the work of recording a song and uploading it and trying to get listens for it...
I could make far more money quicker just by playing one gig a week somewhere.

But this is not about the struggle with crypto or a shakiness.. It`s a personal thing. Saying we are thieves, accusing us for cheating without any proof for that... And the persons who were deleted are so random. As if there is no system behind this.

I understand.
That's why I'd like to cash out before the eye of Mordor turns my way.

Yeah you better should and sell them before the price drops. Here is how to do it.

Thank you.

Well I figured it out. I'm selling. But nobody's buying. :I

I'm not that big on there in my opinion 150,000 + notes earned, but due to the time delay on releasing an app to stores for choon i have started removing them and adding to stores, just sent one song over to stores and low and behold came to take off a song in choon and the site is under maintenance,.

I won't be bothered if they try stealing the music because I can prove it all belongs to me where they wouldn't be able t, but I want the music of choice taken off now before the site I sent it to flags it as already listed in if that's the case.

But yeah they've not payed anything much the eth system is becoming too low pay within choon in this senario they should be boosting the note value in their own value not via the up and down senario the eth goes in.

$1 a note or 50c a note should be the standard rate for everyone a fixed price unless the site fails as it looses revenue adjust the note to compensate. But i can see greed killing it to be fair, and without an app store or play store app for the site it's doomed any way period, who has even heard of anything not in an app store being a success in honesty?

Another key issue on homepage is the lack of album as a section to look through we should have all just made playlists instead of albums then as you literally need to search the word album to show them, where's the common sense in that one???

My fear is they are now taking it down to syphon our music onto drives for their own gains? I was on the unofficial chat in telegram app they booted me as I kept on about when is the app coming out and what are the notes worth in real time dollar value they obviously didn't lie that and booted me.

But I'll never get anywhere with it using the site I found with the low end pay level there so I'm out I think.