My Introduction

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My name is Princess born and raised in South Africa.


I recently graduated and I'm currently looking to venture into different things that spark my interest, and that's where @joetunex and @dianadora in. They introduced me to Hive a while ago and now that I'm done schooling, I am open to trying Hive out.
I don't usually like describing myself but I believe that I'm a positive, kind-hearted person with a passionate soul and also a true crime fanatic but also have a thing for conspiracy theories.

I love a good time with friends and family, love drawing (not so much as of late) but I could go down a list of things, but one thing about me is that I'm a creative person, and I enjoy creating for myself but more so for others. Ever since I was in high school I would draw paper dolls with my friends, then cut them out and pretend they were actual Barbie dolls, and we enjoyed every part of it. I love music as well, I've always wanted to sing and be on stage like every other little girl. My dad even bought me a whole studio set, that still sits in the box it came in, in the corner of my room. Even though singing was my dream, I always felt that it wasn't going to make me completely happy but I'll definitely use the set one day.


I love taking pictures and videos but mainly to keep them for myself but this is the one place I would share because I believe that this is a safe platform to express yourself in many ways.


To close this off, I'm excited to meet new people and I'm interested in reading everyone's stories.


Awesome sweet having you here Princess, you are sure going to like it here I can guarantee you. Sorry I should have told you beforehand to us #introducemyself as one of your first-five tags in your introductory post.

You are bound to find a community of your interest here and connect with people around the world, have fun and enjoy Hive.

Thank you Joe.

Welcome to hive princess

Hi princess, welcome to Hive, I'm also kinda new here,who knows maybe we can make a friendship one dat,keep up with the good work. kisses 💋

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Welcome fellow South African! @joetunand I chat nearly every day now! Good luck for the future!

@zakludick please spell my username correctly! 😃

Hahahaha. I think that was autocorrect on the phone's doing. Sorry man!

Lol its all good man, these phones just need to behave 😃

Welcome on board and do have a wonderful hiving experience 🤗🥰

Thank you🥰

Welcome to the blockchain Princess, look forward to having you around,


Thank you🙏

Hello @princess011 ! This is @proteancreator from @ocd (Original Content Decentralized) team, and I just want to say that that's some fine introduction post you got!

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P.S. You may want to correct that link of your friend, @dinadora as its leads to a 404 page.

Thank you😊