Music Monday- Quarantunes

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Back by popular demand!
Well, actually it was only @artemislives who asked me
if I could do a Music Monday post again, so here it is.
And this is also my first post on Hive.
And I´ve been quite a worker bee, it got longer than I thought.
Looking at the layout here on Hive while creating this post,
I must say, I like what I see, so nice and white and bright.
I guess for most of my @ecotrain friends this is no big deal,
since I reckon you moved on to SteemPeak a while ago,
where the layout and design is also much nicer than on Steemit.
See, humanity as a whole is constantly advancing by creative destruction. 😘

The last crisis of this epic proportions, but with much less governmental strangling of personal liberties, though potentialy much more deadly, or at least that´s what we thought at the time, was Chernobyl in 1986.
And what helped then to stay sane will help again now,
dancing the night away.
Though this time you cannot go out and party, you have to do it at home.
But feel blessed that now you got the internet with all its possibilities,
I can´t even imagine this Corona drama in 1986 without being connected internationally to all you guys on the Hive blockchain.

So with this plague of biblical proportions,
Camus´La Peste is existential reading,
many people might feel as if they have fallen from grace with God.
Always wonder about the hubris of some people
which makes them believe having been in it in the first place.

But now enough of German angst, let´s dance!


Hand sanitizer, we have no hand sanitizer,
now we are wiser, and stock more hand sanitizer,
by Thai Pure Naturals, we´ll all buy Thai Pure Naturals,
no matter what Facebook tells, we´ll all buy Thai Pure Naturals.

To be sung to the tune of Guantanamera

So this is how I use my time.
I created this little song for @artemislives business Thai Pure Naturals.
So you can all sing it yourselves, dance to it, make a video of it and then there could be an international flashmob video been cut together.
That should give you something to do and help to combat cabin fever.

Many people remind us that in this difficult times it is important to buy local, to keep our friends and neighbors employed.
That´s of course the first order of the day, but it is also good to support good ethical businesses all over the globe and the connectedness on this blockchain can help you do so.


I´ve always liked Laurie Anderson and her Gesamtkunstwerk approach,
so different from the 1,2,3,4 punk rock I also love.
And language is my favorite virus as well, so contagious.

Some of my FB friends are quite far into right wing conspiracy nut job territory, with some of the stuff they post I´m like wtf, don´t waste my time with this crap, some other stuff is at least food for thought, so it pays to keep an open mind.
Ready for some more existential angst?

I remember in school, when the teachers would give us a topic to write a thesis about and my greatest joy would be to be contrarian as fuck to whatever theory or assumption or claim we were exposed to and tear it all down.
Once in English class we were given Katharine Anne Porter´s claim
"Any true work of art must give you a feeling of reconciliation"
And I tore it all down by citing unbearable endings of great works of literature like Orwell´s 1984 and Animal Farm.
I came to the conclusion
"Any true work of art must give you a feeling of disturbance"
After I had read it out loud in class the whole class was knocking on the tables and the teacher looked quite sulky and defeated.
Ah those sweet victories of youth!
Now after almost forty years, having lost the bulletproof know-it-all-ness of my youth, knowing that the world is not black and white but rather greyish, I know it can be both ways.

So to end on a more reconciliatory note, let´s all imagine a future where we can all be passengers again to any destination of our choosing, be it in the literal sense of traveling, or in the broader sense of life itself.


Hi there,

just wanted to inform you that I mentioned this post in the Mindful Life Curation that I compiled the day before yesterday. You can find the full write up HERE

Keep up the good vibes!